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hey there!

I'm Ashley Carroll.

I'm the the founder of It Takes a Village Podcast, Speaker, and gluten-free dairy-free pancake master chef. Mom of two American ninja warriors in training, one babe in heaven, and our surprise rainbow baby. Most of my days I'm juggling motherhood, working full time, soccer practices, being (attempting) a good wife and recording podcast episodes.

 My passion is sharing other women's stories, making sure no mom is left behind because #mommingainteasy

Ashley Carroll


Life is rough momma!

You are sitting in the school car line looking at your coffee stained pajama pants, hoping no one realizes you, only made an effort to look "put together" from the waist up. 

And everyone's "NAILED IT" parent packed-lunch posts only makes the sting a little harder. 

In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning....

Your butt is perfect. Your smile lights up the room. Your mind is insanely cool. 

You are more than enough. And YOU are doing an amazing job at life. 

And I want to do my best to remind you of that everyday. 

You are more than enough. And YOU are doing an amazing job at life.
— Ashley Carroll
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About It Takes a Village

Over here we keep it real and we let it all hang out (except for what our Spanx covers!). With expert interviews, notable guests and Ashley sharing it all, we cover all the things! Mom life balance, marriage, sex, body image, raising kiddos, potty training, etc. We are bringing all the issues we face to light! Tune in!…I promise you’re not the only one on the struggle bus some days!

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