Go Teal This Halloween

go teal today's eden

I was never the kid who had the candy coma post halloween night. was I super competitive about making sure my candy bag was bigger than all my friends. Yes. Did I eat a dang piece of it. No. For real you guys. Like clock work every halloween I would walk out of the house pillowcase in hand, because those candy buckets with handles were for rookies; and set out to collect the most and best candy that night. As soon as I would get home I would dump it all out on the living room floor. Dad would take all the resse's peanut butter cups because I didn't like them (I know I know this is like anti-halloween to some of y'all). Anyway the rest of the candy would get put into a ziplock and I would hide it. End of story. For real, I would save it then forget about it. I really didn't care to eat it. It was more the thrill of getting the candy than the actual eating of it. 

Now that I am a momma I've stumbled upon a new obstacle of Halloween. My daughter has a dairy, egg and gluten allergy. Boom. You must be thinking, "that poor child", there's no surviving Halloween, just learn to live without it right? Well up until a couple years ago I was thinking the same. When she was little we got away with it. For a while we didn't know she had any food issues. Then I convinced her to pass out the candy. The next year we started participating in trunk or treat so she was too busy passing out candy and being a part of our group's theme than getting candy and thankfully I stumbled upon the switch witch. 

Thank you genius moms all over the world who share your genius on pinterest. The switch witch you guys. Whether your kiddos have a food allergy to most treats or maybe you can't pry the candy out of their hands at all check out the switch witch. Basically you read your kids a poem or tell them about the witch who when you put out your candy for her halloween night, will take the candy and exchange leave a gift/toy/book, depending on which route you want to go. This was my momma heart's dream come true. Try telling a 4-5 year old she can't eat any of her candy like her friends who are now sitting around together gorging candy, after she spent all the time collecting it halloween night. Not only is life hard the other 364 days a year, Halloween is just tough man. 

Then in 2014 I hit the holy grail for halloween. The Teal Pumpkin Project was created! The clouds parted and there were tears, high fives, chest bumping....

Ok so maybe that's not really how it went down, but I'll remember it that way anyway. Basically it encourages households to buy nonfood treats, so that kids who have food allergies can still have fun and partake in halloween just like everyone else. And you can show trick or treaters you are participating by painting a pumpkin teal and placing it on your front porch. This movement has actually really taken off, and I imagine as more food sensitivities are becoming more prevalent it will be becoming more and more popular in years to come. 

So, this halloween, consider buying non-food treats to give out along with or without your regular candy. Just so you know, you can buy a huge box of fruit snacks for $5 with about 100 individual little packages at costco. Which is way easier on the wallet than what most stores charge for a small bag of half way decent candy. You can do glow sticks, temporary tattoos, vampire fangs, silly string, stickers, fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, etc. Not to mention the less candy you child has the less of a fight it will be to try and limit their intake.

Just something to ponder this Halloween.