Podcast and Blog Redesign

As you might have noticed things look a little different around here. Hopefully for the better. 

There's a few reasons that is. When I started blogging I just wanted to be able to write and connect with other people. I am pretty good at speaking my thoughts, but writing them out just comes out a lot more clear, and lets face it, a lot nicer. I didn't have a limitation to what I would write about I would just write. And some of it was good, some of it was random, and some of it well it sucked. 

I had started working full time and my writing and time invested in my site slowed down and became a last priority thing. When it became summer and my employment came to an end I realized I needed to either something with this blog or walk away. I already knew I wanted to pursue this, whatever it was, to be a means of an income and to do something bigger than myself. And then it all clicked. I sat down and thought about the things I really cared about. What did I want to provide to the people I know and the people I love. I felt a sudden overwhelming desire for a specific purpose. 

I want to be a means of sharing information to women, who otherwise might not have gotten that information. There was a lot I had to research and read before I could understand the things I know about gut health, brain health and autoimmunity. Had I been able to be educated about these things without having to spend hours upon hours google searching, I feel like it would have made a difference in my mental wellness or my confidence when I did find out about having an autoimmune disease. 

I found that there are so many women and men with powerful knowledge. People who have the gift of speaking to your heart. Entrepreneurs who can change your mindset. And healthcare professionals who genuinely care about your well being and educating the public. The problem is, we don't typically come across these people unless we are searching for them. But that doesn't mean we wouldn't benefit from their knowledge anyway. So I thought, what if by writing about the things I continue to learn I can be the middle person. The branch to new perspectives to the people I know. Well that's great and all but I wanted to do more. 

Today's eden podcast came to life. This was a scary realization. That to achieve what I want to do, I would have to talk to people. Reaching out to people who I admired or don't even know is scary. You guys, I love writing because I can do it alone. I love friends and hanging out, but I am terrified of putting myself out there in positions where I would possibly be rejected. Just the idea of podcasting was making me anxious. After some long talks and encouragement from my husband (thanks babe) and the desire of really wanting to do this, I started the necessary process to start a podcast (most in thanks to Pat Flynn). After all I did want this year to be about growth right?

So what better way to bring women great information that to have the people who can educate, encourage, empower and inspire the best, do it themselves. My only roll being to get their messages out there, because I feel like someone could benefit from it. 

I hope you guys enjoy this journey with me. Hopefully as I continue to pursue this dream, I'll become a better writer and a better interviewer. I pray that you find something of value from either the podcast or the blog and that I continue to give you little glimpses of empowerment each day. Thank you for being there and for being a part of my dream. 

Welcome to the new Today's Eden.