Never Thought I'd Do It

Never thought I would see the day. I was team suburban ever since I could imagine being a mom. Now I just turn up my old school jams, because that van surround sound is on point! 

I came across this video made by the awesome ladies at, The Texting Yoga Pants
Not only is this one of my favorite old school jams but they actually sound really good covering it! 

Like I said I was very anti-van. I seriously never thought I would do it. I always pictured myself getting out of something "cool" with my kids. I guess I was more concerned with keeping my "cool mom" profile than actually thinking about how practical it actually would be for my family.

When you have one car seat your living the life man. There are so many options! Even when your infant car seat is 20 pounds of padding and the most ginormous thing known to man to protect the 7lb 8oz ticking time bomb it would soon be carrying, you can still find pretty sporty and sexy cars that it can fit in. Despite that you might have to be pressed up against the steering wheel until the rear facing portion of life is over. But who needs to exhale fulling while driving when you look like a hot mom right?

I was in a highlander before going to the dark side. However it was still a tight squeeze with a rear facing car seat made like the battle ship USS Iowa (one of the most powerful battleships ever). If you have gone baby shopping recently you know what I am talking about and understand the humor I am trying to pass along here. So when baby number two came about I started looking up large SUV's. I honestly thought that was the only way to go. I never once even dared to click on the van section of car websites. 

Until my husband came home with a Sienna. He worked at a Toyota dealership at the time. So he pulls up to the house with this van and I don't want anything to do with it. Why is it so round? How dare it be so wide. What the heck was it thinking with those automatic sliding doors. Oh my gosh why is there so much space? (cue drooling and tearful emotions rising) Wait the trunk is how big? (now visualizing all the grocery and stroller room there is). So Bose surround sound you say? 

Do you think it would be ok if I hugged it?

No, really you guys. My father in law took it around the block and he was loving it. Came back talking about how it hugged the turns and was really smooth. So I took it around the block like it was no big deal. My heart was still a little hardened until I turned up the volume and saw all the space. ALL. THE. SPACE!!!!!!

Yep, I'm a minivan momma. And the girls at Texting Yoga Pants are right there's cup holders everywhere! Haters gonna hate y'all. There's no shame in my van game.