Messages From The Body

Messages From The Body

I love a good HITT workout. And those who know me in the gym know that about me. It made my friends think I'm crazy. It gave the trainers a reason to get to know me. And it was a conversation starter for those working out around me. I got a high after completing the workout. And The satisfaction of ending my workout was awesome. 

All in all you could say the way I worked out defined me. It made me feel strong. It made me feel proud of myself. And I wasn't interested in doing anything else while at the gym. But I had failed to noticed the message that my body had been sending me lately. 

Maybe that kind of sounds all woo woo to you. "Listening to your body". The truth is our body sends us messages everyday. When you decide to eat another slice of pie, when you've already eaten two....typically our body will send you a message. We might not listen, but we know we are feeling the wrath of our body. The same thing when we spent the day painting our house we get messages from our body reminding you exactly how old you are and reminding you about the muscles you forgot you had by making them useless the next day. Haha. 

Anyway, I noticed my body begin to handle less and less of my workouts. And I was starting to feel bad. I was getting slower. Discouraged. The word "overtraining", kept coming to my mind. But I didn't want to admit that I might need to make a change. 

In life we often ignore the fact that we are wearing and tearing our bodies down. But we feel like we have no other choice. Or we feel like this is the way we have always done it and you can't see it working any other way. Our body is tough. And it was made to endure. But it was not made to be beaten down out of ignorance for what our body is telling us. 

Momma. You are enough for the day even when you let the laundry pile up for a nap. It's ok to love yourself by reading a book propped up on the couch while the kids are at school. 

Women. We still hear you roar when you need to speed walk instead of run. Maybe you have to go to bed by 9pm now, but you are killing it all day long and that makes you awesome. Or sometimes you might have to change your panties after jumping on the trampoline with your kiddos, and hey we can totally still be friends....I just might not let you jump on our trampoline. KIDDING! 

A few weeks ago I had to stop working out. My body just could not take it. And I could feel it. My love for going to the gym had diminished as well. I had to confront the messages my body was sending me and that was to chill out. Especially with my autoimmunity I spent so much time trying to prove that I wouldn't be held back by it that I disregarded what was really best for myself. As mothers and as women, we spend so much time trying to prove to ourselves that we are super woman. And less time acknowledging that we are human. 

Listen to the messages from your body. It is what is carrying you through this beautiful life after all. If you are worried about being useful for your family and your relationships, if you continue ignoring the messages from your body, you won't be of much use in 20 years. Find your balance. Find your needs and be ok with where you are.