The Carroll’s Go to Houston

The Carroll’s go to H- town, Houston! What’s up!

Too much? Eh, I’m a nerd but I like to pretend I’m cool, so I’ll leave it.

This weekend we are road tripping to Houston. The husband is doing a Spartan race out there, so we thought why not the whole family go. Something he hasn’t been able to do before due to time. And something we as a family used to not be able to do either. When he was in the car business, weekend trips weren’t an option.

However there is a catch with our beloved road tripping.

We have a 5 year old and a newly potty trained 2 year old.

Newly. Potty trained.TWO. YEAR. OLD.

So, maybe it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Pile up in the mini van singing along to the disney station.

It’s piling into the mini van earlier than expected because the little one won’t nap and the clock is ticking away. Plan B is put into action. Get packed and in the car as fast as we can so we can get on the road and of course THAT will knock him right out. RIGHT?!

So naturally he stays awake and then decides 4pm would be a good time go to ahead and get some Z’s . I attempt to wake him up an hour later so that way he won’t be up all night. But then I realized, crud if I wake him up, he’s going to need to potty. So we do a pit stop at the next closest and nicest looking gas station. Insert child screaming bloody murder inside the bathroom stall because he’s still half asleep and his mom is forcing him to try to go pee. Like literally….screaming. And here I am squished in a little stall with both kids, trying to calm my son who I am sure is going to pee on me any moment because he is fighting me while I am trying to get him to sit on the potty. As well as trying to talk over his screaming in hopes that bystanders would happen to hear the situation and not think I am torturing my kid at the travel stop.

So we ditch the bathroom stop in hopes that we can calm him down in the car. Bright idea. Let’s try the travel potty in the car with a show on.

Insert more screaming.

Finally we all give in and we are on the road again. And at this point if he pee’s in his carseat, he pee’s in his carseat.

This people is real life. Ha!

However, I am grateful for the loaded up van covered in crumbs, packed bags and disney movies. Our life is busy, crazy and mostly messy. But I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Unless I was offered a free massage. Because I fell asleep with my head hanging to the side and man my neck is killing me!