10 Reasons Mom is Hiding in the Closet

Sometimes when you are raising several children, all under the height requirements for most carnival rides, a mom could use a little break. An escape is required at a moments notice leaving only one place to seek shelter. The closet.

1. Time to sit next to her heels and reminisce about the days they were worn more than her trainers. Although who are we kidding…no one is training here, they are slip resistant making it easy for quick sprints after a child. Child proof is the new sexy, but don’t tell my BCBG’s that.

2. One word. Chocolate. All to yourself. In amounts we wouldn’t approve of. Need I say more?

3. Playing hide and seek. All the while secretly hoping if we hide good enough, they will get tired and lay down on their own. Killing two birds with one stone right?

4. Peace and quite. Although it is short lived the brain gets a moment to think and possibly wander in thought. Insert banging on door followed by the yelling of “Mooooooooom!”

5. To say a quick prayer a take a deep breath. Sometimes we just have to mom up and ask for help.

6. This is when I take my 15 minute break. Everyone else in the work force gets one…Why shouldn’t we?

7. Life moves a little slower in there.

8. Husband just walked in. I clock out and seek shelter, until I get promoted to Chef for dinner.

9. To check all our social media. You know, because you tell the kids too much electricity will fry their brain.

10. Lets face it. This is where we can let it all out. Full on ugly cry. Not near our new blouse though…that’s dry clean only. Then a little pep talk and we are back in the game!


11. Maybe you are actually playing hide and seek. Thus your refuge within the closet is commendable. Carry on.

Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast