Blog It and Believe It


When was the last time you saw something pop up on your news feed on Facebook and you immediately shared it because you liked what it said…. although, lets admit it, you only halfway read it. “10 reasons Dr. Pepper will save your life”…SHARE! (I could use a Dr. Pepper about now, who needs the gym?! And now it’s saving my life SCORE!) “Essential oils are actually harmful”…SHARE! (I told that neighbor of mine she was giving out voodoo water).” And the list could go on right?

I was doing research recently on a subject. Someone brought a blog to me claiming why I should distrust the use of a product a certain way. So not only to validate my reasons for standing behind my decision to use said product, but also just to gain some general knowledge, I did some research. this was an up all night read government, scientific and research based sites. What I have come to realize is that ANYONE can write ANYTHING.

Let me say that again….ANYONE can write ANYTHING.

A blog is merely an outlet for anyone to express their thoughts, push an agenda, falsify information on a product to push sales on their own product, persuade people to believe what they believe so they can feel better about their own choices, etc etc etc. You cannot read an article and because it was posted on social media immediately believe it is true.

I have learned to look at the author. Who are they? What do they do? Can I even find information about an author on the page? Does the site have a good reputation? Where did they get their information? There are so many questions to ask yourself when taking into account the advice from someone else. All it takes for someone is one bad experience and they can go to town on bashing a company, product, idea, or place. You remember that one time you were so psyched to try that new place to eat, only to have a cold meal and really bad service. That changed your perception on that place immediately right? And it probably impacted you so much that you told your friends how horrible it was. How you will never go back. What you didn’t consider to share with your friends was that it was a new place. They just opened. Clearly all the servers were new. The place was packed. Information you would need to know to base a fair opinion on the place. But when left out, the person you just gave your professional yelp worthy review to, automatically filed that restaurant in the “will not attempt ever” place in the back of their head.

The same with what we read. The internet can be both helpful and harmful. Most of the information being shared has context that will be left out. Which is important. If we don’t know any better we don’t even realize it’s missing. And I know your thinking…doesn’t this chick write and share her own blog? This is true. I am a blogger advising you not to read blogs. Oh the irony. But, I feel the weight of that with my own blog. I try to see the whole picture and take into account many things before voicing my opinion. The object of every blog or website should be to inform and not harm. To maintain integrity when sharing a view. I feel like this is important especially when making decisions on our health, wellness, and money based on something we read. Entertainment blogs are read a little differently. However, some really dumb things have passed through my screen because people copied a trend that I believe was meant to be dumb in the first place but apparently america had nothing better to do. If you did the lip plumping trend via suction cup….I’m talking about you.

So before you click “Share”, examine what you are reading before you put it out there to influence others.

Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast