Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

I know. We are all tired of that movie. But honestly it sounded better than, Well today it’s snowing…At least in my head anyway. Texas has been very bi-polar in its decision on if it would like to move on to spring or continue in winter.


Texas’ version of being “snowed in”

Texas’ version of being “snowed in”

We went from weather in the 70s, to pretend snow, to ice, real snow (and by real snow I mean 1-3 inches), to it should be 75 in the middle of this week.  What is wrong with you Texas?!?! And of course my kids want to be all in it. I am not a fan of the cold. But I refuse to be the party pooper. So out with the laundry basket we went, with an equally crazy mom neighbor who was pushing her kids down their driveway in their laundry baskets. We slid on down there and joined in of course.

Yesterday we made snow angels. Attempted to build a snowman, but it turned into me telling the kids to move aside while my perfectionism took over. Haha. Mom award right there right?! The kid in me took over ok! I didn’t get snowman building opportunities as a kid and it definitely showed when I was the only one working on it, while the kids had moved on to throwing snowballs. And being stuck in the house honestly has not been that bad. In fact it has kinda been bugging me why when we have only been stuck in the house maybe a day and a half people are posting to their Facebook how they MUST get out of the house. Mind you it froze over last night, so our roads are currently an ice rink. What could be so bad that you would want to get out and drive in that? Thats when I realized…I understand the demon of keeping busy. To let the busy-ness of our day entertain the kids without having to do it ourselves. That I slightly sympathize with those wanting to get out. And most of the time I think we do it unknowingly. Or at least I hope so.

When we have a busy schedule the kids get entertained and worn out in the process. When we are home, we have nothing to do but to choose to engage in them or to sit them in front of the TV. I felt a challenge and a pull to engage. To fix and work on a fault of mine. And some parts of today I felt like I killed it. And other times I wish and am hoping my kids didn’t see the parts of me that were dragging and slowly drifting away from their attention. If anything I guess it just made me more aware that I need to slow down and play and make an obstacle course our of party streamers in our halfway. That I don’t need to focus on what everyone else is doing, but focus on what I’m doing.

So thank you dreaded snow. Not only do you make me freeze and confine me to the house. But you’ve helped make me more aware and pushed me to be a better mom. So touché Texas weather, touché.