I Am That Mom

This year Halloween was kinds of on the back burner. I didn’t want to spend the extra cash to buy decorations, besides the ones we already had. And I felt like life was just busy. We were busy. And things were just a blur. Or maybe that was from a lack of sleep?

Somehow we still managed to make costumes and feel somewhat Halloween ready.

Last year we participated in our church’s trunk or treat. The theme was kid’s movies. So we chose How to Train Your Dragon. It was awesome. My daughter just so happened to want to have a How to Train Your Dragon birthday, so it was worth it to go all out and save the decor for her birthday.
I am so glad that my husband is fun enough to dress up to. Our kids love it!

Since last year was such a hit and with two kids,  trunk or treat just makes sense. We feel more comfortable dressing up with them, which makes it more fun for all of us. If they get tired they can lay in the back of our van. And your guaranteed candy at every stop, without having to truck through the whole neighborhood. So this year we participated with our church home group in the trunk or treat again.
Obviously our choice movie was Inside Out. Best kids movie ever. If you haven’t seen it, you must. It made for great conversations with our 5 year old after we saw it. The kids laughed and giggled through the whole movie, all the parents cried their eyes out.

Here are some pictures of the characters our home group and us, dressed up as.

My little man was not really into the treating. He made it two cars down and then came back just wanting to run around and play. Our daughter was into it. She was ready the moment we got there to hit up every car. Although she has a dairy and egg allergy, I let her collect whatever she collects and then we pick a few choice pieces that she can eat that night.

So here it comes, yes I AM THAT MOM. And Halloween night we set our candy out on the porch for the “Switch Witch”. This was our second year to do the switch witch. I had found the idea on pinterest and obviously it was a hit with my girl because this year I had forgotten about it, but she reminded me before bed not to forget to put her candy out.

The idea is that the switch witch will come and take the candy if a child sets it out and then replaces it with a toy, books, or basically anything you want to replace the candy with. Personally I try to steer clear of big items or toys. Just so that the switch witch doesn’t become some other holiday santa. So this year it was a play pack coloring book. And she was thrilled. She has been coloring with it the past whole week.

Honestly we had no issue with feeling like we forced her. We are pretty open with her and have conversations about food and what certain foods do to our body. So maybe that made candy less of an idol and easier for her to not see so much value in it compared to a book or a toy she could possibly get.

Maybe next year you can try it too!
Then you can use the candy the “Switch Witch” took, to send to military or sell to your dentist (some dentists will buy your candy if you choose not to eat it).

So yes, I AM THAT MOM. But I like being this  mom. And my kids think I’m still pretty cool too.

Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast