Motherhood One Status Update at a Time


Between Facebook and 52 boards and 3.3 thousand pinterest pins- my house looks like crap, it definitely needs some updating. My meals are not instagram worthy enough. My kids are way more unruly than anyone else’s. My camera skills are below par. I don’t vacation enough. Couples are way more happier (you are now blocked from my Facebook feed). My toddler hasn’t potty trained fast enough. And darn it my closet is NOT that ORGANIZED…curse you Martha Stewart gifted people!

So what I am really trying to say is…if I continue to compare my life to those pins I am pinning and those status updates, well then I am failing in life. Motherhood to be exact.

It’s unfortunate how we abuse media. Initially made to give people the chance to connect faster no matter the distance between. Social media has become a poisonous posting frenzy taking one mom out at a time. Sniper style. Silent but deadly….all it took was a notification of a post to her phone and BAM!!!! She was a gone-er.

How many of you felt slightly disappointed in yourself when another mom posted about their child’s milestone, your child had not met yet? Chances are most of you can say yes to that. Or perhaps the person who posted was a close friend whose advice and guidance you value greatly. Then maybe it prompts you to ask them how they helped their child achieve that particular milestone. And that is great. But I would bet to say that 75% of the mom posts are put out there to  validate one’s own success at motherhood.

Your baby took its first steps and thats awesome!!! I totally get the wobbly first steps video. I posted one myself. And maybe it’s just my observant nature but I can tell the difference between a mom excited to share her life with her friends for the sake of updating and keeping others in the loop…but it’s the wording that is used that tells me your out to prove the world that your kid is better than everyone else’s.

Unfortunately it’s hard to tell the frauds from the real thing. So why do we feel it’s necessary to let the world know we are #winning one motherhood moment at a time? We want that social media pat on the back. To remind yourself that despite your constant facebooking while your at the dinner table eating with your kids…at least your child can read!!! HA! Instead of living in the moment we have our iPhones out ready to capture that bragging moment to share with the world.

So go ahead and post those cute first steps…honestly I love it. It reminds me when mine took their first steps. What I am asking you to be aware of is your wording. Nobody likes a braggart. When you post things like; “My kids never has a temper tantrum.”….”Are your kid’s reading yet?! Mine are! They are reading at the second grade level!” you are not taking into account those that see your posts are real mothers, real families, with real lives and different issues. What you may not know is how much it stings the mother who’s daughter has dyslexia reading your posts. Or what about the mom whose mother wasn’t around to teach her to cook anything similar to those meals your #momchef posting. Or the birthday party that looks like pinterest blew up on your front lawn…meanwhile the mom who is living paycheck to paycheck feels like she failed her kiddos with their homemade cake and dollar store

This is a fault of mine as well. As I look back at some posts I cringe at how shallow and obnoxious I sounded. How there was disregard to those who might be reading what I post. I love to share what I do with my family throughout the day because it is the fastest and easiest way to share with family members. But I also love the idea of motherhood taking a village. I want that village to support me and encourage me. Not make motherhood harder than it has to be.

Yours truly,

Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast