Never Trust a 4 Year Old...

When you go on a walk with your kiddos and pup, do not. I say DO NOT let your little girl be the deciding factor of if you will be able to get back into your house or not.

This is a simple rookie mistake. I have TWO kids. Honestly I should know better by now. Blame it on sleep deprivation, my mom ego, or just plain not thinking.

I took my kids and our pittie mix on a walk on the trails and streets around our house. My daughter wanted to close the garage with our clicker I take with us. I didn’t think two things about it. Sure! I’m letting her help right?! Mom point! She’s feels like she’s contributing. So she closes the garage and off we go. We probably ran/walked a mile or more. Get back home as the temps are falling and my hands are getting numb from being out and hitting the wind. Miss Bee beats me to the garage and just stands there. I meet up with her and she says the dreaded words, “mom, I don’t know where the clicker is”.
What?! No please, NO!

So back we go to re-trace all of our steps. How could the clicker fall out of her basket?! On our way to hopefully re-unite with our garage door opener, I am calling Mr. Handsome to let him know he may need to come rescue us. He’s 45 min away at work so he needs to leave like now. However they are short staffed and he can’t leave. Of course his mom is the only other person who has our key and her car is in the shop.

We went over every place we went through searching and checking the grounds to see if we can find out clicker. And no luck. But to some good news my mother in law is with her brother in his truck and they are going to head our way. Praise the Lord. Meanwhile I am trying to guilt trip my daughter into how important it is to be responsible. And of course on cue the good Lord, likes to put me back in my place. I call my mother back from and un-finished conversation that morning. You know because I am just sitting on the porch, with nothing better to do. And one of the first things she asks me is, “Why was she holding the clicker, while you guys walked in the first place?”. Insert deer in headlights blank expression.

Well crud. So now I have to explain to Miss Bee that this is not just her fault. And that she can be responsible or how she sees it, “being big”. But there are some things mom needs to do so that I can be responsible over them. Mom makes mistakes kids. I hope I show them that now, when the mistakes are small and the consequences are slight. There will be a day when thats not the case, and all that rides on the outcome is their ability to see the outcome before their action is made.

But most importantly I make mistakes. No one is perfect. And even when my Facebook may look like I have it all together. I’m still learning like the rest of us.