Pour Cocounut Oil on My Life

There are some days when I look at that large tub of coco-nutty goodness and I day dream about the endless possibilities if I could just pour coconut oil all over my life.

I’d do it in an instant if I knew it would work, don’t doubt me. Maybe I’ll give tubs out for Christmas this year. I know where the good stuff is at. Costco knows how to hook a girl up with some coconut oil.

But seriously, how did I not know about coconut oils magical powers sooner. Just pour it on your baby, it’ll make them silky soft. Pour it on your toast for early morning super powers. Pour it on your husband, he’ll get a raise at work and help you with the dishes. Pour it on your dog and you’ll have fido bringing in the newspaper on the daily.

Ok, so maybe I’m over dramatizing coconut oil’s super powers just a little bit here. But if I find out that I can shoot a glass of coconut oil and it give me energy, well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I have always wanted to say that. I couldn’t even tell you if the context was right, but it felt right so I went with it. All I am saying is that there isn’t many things coconut oil can’t do. So if you haven’t bought you a jar yet and I highly suggest hitting up costco for this, because after I am done listing a few of my favorite ways to use it, you’ll be going through a jar in no time. Not to mention I have found that I get 4 times as much coconut oil for the price of one at most health food or specialty grocery stores. So add that to your costco list. Your welcome.

I love me some coconut oil!

I promise you, try out some of those uses for coconut oil and you’ll never go back to used store bought products. Why would you anyway!? So many uses for one jar and I am saving so much money not buying what would be a separate product for each use I listed up there.

The jar looks intimidating I know, because it is rock solid when you get it, you think how could this possibly work. It melts as soon as it gets in the palm of your hand and then you could literally do anything.

ps. After researching some more uses for coconut oil I read that putting it in your coffee in place of creamer (which we also do), it will help increase your energy. In fact athletes in the far east put coconut oil and ghee in their coffee to enhance energy and performance. So when I said earlier, “…if I find out that I can shoot a glass of coconut oil and it give me energy, well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!”.

Well I guess you should be careful what you wish for.


Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast