This Post Will be the Death of Me.

It’s funny. I had an entirely different blog post for today. But if you are a working parent you know that trying to do work at home can be a challenge.

My office area can be left untouched all morning and the moment I sit down…BAM! I have a flatulent toddler in my lap and my 5 year old by my side asking if she can play on the computer. Usually i try to do my work while the youngest is napping. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.

So work becomes a family affair. Currently my toddler is working on filling his there is an occasional stink bomb going off. And when my Little Ironman stands up his feet end up in painful areas I didn’t know existed. Oh but his little toes find them so well. Meanwhile Miss Bee is manning one half of my computer screen and the mouse to play on ABC mouse which is entertaining her brother as well. They are watching the “music videos”. So if mid blog post I start typing about Old McDonald and his farm or the letter C…. I am being brainwashed by kid songs.

Despite the chaos and the wiggly little body I have in my lap right now; there will be a day when I sit down at the computer to write and my lap will be empty, the house will be silent and it will take bribery to get my kids to respond to my texts.

So in part this post is bitter. Because my little blurb that should have taken me 15 minutes max, has taken at least 45 minutes. Plus, aromatically my surroundings aren’t that pleasant. Like really…how can something so small and cute create something so foul?!?!?! Too much information I know, but still, I slightly find it hilarious and it’s helping me make light of the situation so just work with me here okay? But then also partially sweet. And this post will be one of those “remember when you said”… reminders that are annoying, but yet, oh so true.

So I raise my glass (of’s only 3 after all, wine thirty comes after bed time) to all the working from home parents out there. You HAVE to be on top of your game to get anything done. And if I had to take calls or be on the phone like some of you do…I mean that would just be impossible. Praise the Lord that I can do what I love from home and be around my kiddos. And I am even more blessed to be able to have these crazy kids be given to me in this life. There is no greater love. No matter how smelly it might be.