Ways I Make Money Off My Groceries

If your like me you could easily drop $200 plus dollars at the grocery store. Lets not even talk about when I am hungry. And if your kids are with you… well there went $5 on bribery snacks, hoping it will buy you more time and few less temper tantrums to get shopping done.

I tried the coupon thing. And it works for some. I had the binder with card holder pages filled with coupons separated by categories. Which I am sure works out when you don’t have children with you. Imagine trying to stand in the aisle looking for which coupon you need for the spaghetti sauce, meanwhile your toddler is trying to reorganize said glass isle by making towers. Glass jar towers. Clean up on aisle 5 comes to mind. Looks like you won’t be needing that coupon after all.

So for those of you, who like me, cannot stand the idea of spending that extra $100 on groceries, which could be spent on a whole outfit plus shoes. I give you my favorite ways to make and save money on your groceries without cutting coupons!

This is a fairly popular app. With Ibotta, you unlock “rebates” by completing simple tasks on the app for whatever selected grocery items you bought or plan on buying. Then you scan the items barcode and submit a photo of the receipt to the app, and you will see the cash in your ibotta account within 24 hours. The great thing about this app is the money can be transferred into a paypal account! So no rewards or point system here. REAL MONEY!

Unlike coupons, you can actually get money back on produce.
Also this app can be used for anything from groceries, restaurants, to travel and beauty purchases.

Trust me this app is worth your time.

Checkout 51
Checkout 51 has a weekly list of items you can save money on. Including one “Pick your own offer” offer as well, which is usually  several choices from produce items. Similar to Ibotta, you purchase the item and then upload your receipt and they send you money for the rebate.

The list and options are not quite as extensive as Ibotta, but hey, for minimal work a little adds up. And who doesn’t want a little something extra sent to their paypal account all on its own.

 National Consumer Panel
If you are lucky enough to be selected to be apart of the national consumer panel then this program is a must.
Each week you scan all of your purchases and transmit the data through a mobile phone app. you accumulate points for each transmit you make. You can then cash in your points for rewards. They are not stingy with the rewards points and after you have been a member on the panel for 3 months you are eligible to qualify for a 25% discount on your AT&T wireless services.
It may sound like a lot to scan your purchases, but it is really pretty easy with the app. I usually scan as I am putting my groceries away. Or any other new item.

This last one is an oldie but a goody….

Cartwheel App
With over 300 million users, popular is an understatement. If you are going to lose your paycheck at target, you might as well get more bang for your buck. You can download the app and add the items you want to or already have in your shopping cart to a shopping list and then take your app open and ready to be scanned by a cashier to save instantly on your “coupons”.
This has literally save me some money when I shop at target.

I am not sure if this qualifies under my title…”Ways to make money off groceries”. But I thought I would mention it anyway, because technically you can make what back what you would have lost without having used this app. So there. We all know you could use that $5 back after cruising their clearance shoe isle. Lift your head up kid, target gets the best of us.

Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast