Well Played Netflix, Well Played...

This memory may forever be embedded in my mind.

Only because it’s hilariousness and because man, life is just different for my kids than it was for myself. I hate to sound like an old fart, making you roll your eyes and say, oh man here it comes…she walked in the snow 5 miles to school…

Actually, I walked maybe a mile to school and I lived in sunny California. So there.
I am just saying, there is not that big of an age gap between my kids and I.

The other day as we were looking for the Ranger’s baseball series game on TV, like local channel TV. I am too frugal to pay for all 500 channels of crap cable, we don’t watch. We do have netflix though.

However, back to the story.

As we were channel surfing looking for the game, Curious George pops up momentarily as we are clicking through.

Mistake number 1.

Letting our two year old watch us click through during a cartoon prime time on local TV.

Mistake number 2.

They will not understand that baseball will be more fun to watch than Curious George. Even if you repeatedly remind them …BUT BUDDY, IT’S. THE. RANGERS. GAME!

It’s game over. (see what I did there).

Needless to say between not being able to find the game and the constant GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE! Demands waved our white flag and we put  Curious George on.

I kid you not…maybe 5 minutes in, a commercial came on.

As soon as our son shrieked GEORGE! WHERE GEORGE!

It occurred to me. Our child doesn’t even know what commercials are!

He thought we turned it off.

So we through his frustration and falling on his deaf ears tried to explain that it would come back on. And so it did. And then 10 minutes later….commercial. Like I said,we have netflix, so that is what our family is used to when we do watch TV. And your shows have ZERO commercials. So obviously commercials are a hard concept for my youngest to understand.
Finally, we decided it would be best for everyone’s mental health that we would just turn on Netflix for him and watch George that way.

But I mean!
I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time! As a kid I had something to do during commercial breaks. Like I planned for it! I would bring a coloring book on the living room floor, color during the break and then drool hypnotically at the TV during the show.

Sorry Rangers, maybe next year.

Well played Netflix. Well played.

Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast