My top 7 favorite podcasts for kids that adults will like too

Because a parent can only dream that every car ride would look like this. 

Because a parent can only dream that every car ride would look like this. 

You guys, I hit the holy grail here. 

I am not sure why I hadn't thought of this sooner ...but we just became a podcast family. 

As a mom who's not a fan of playing the dvd player in the car unless we are on a more than 2 hour road trip. So the majority of our car time is spent listening to the Moana soundtrack..... For the 100th time. 

But then I had a light bulb moment. If I listen to podcasts and I get so many benefits from doing so, then maybe there's some podcasts out there for the kiddos. I searched right then and there in the podcast search bar...KIDS. And there it was. Tons of awesome shows for kids. 

Some tell stories, some help them to understand the way a plane flies, and some inspire kids to follow their dreams with interviews of big stars kids look up to. 

I was pretty sure this would work with my 6 year old. She loves to learn. But my 3 year old. I was expecting him to freak out the moment I turned the music to someone story telling. NOPE. Now he begs for, "another story!". So music is great, and we all have fun jamming out in the car. But you guys, they are using their minds without even realizing it! I am not old enough to have experienced this, but think back to the days when kids heard stories and shows on the radio. Sure the host described everything for you, but your mind was working to IMAGINE what the scene looked like, what the people looked like and how so and so was solving the problem. I as soon as my kids heard a few stories via podcasting that day I could definitely see their wheels turning inside their heads. My little one would even yell out as if the narrator could hear him, "Don't go in there!". 

So in case your getting tired of listening to wheels on the bus for the 100th time and you want to break the habit of your kids only being able to survive a 10 min car ride if a dvd is playing. Then I have your answer. 

Here are my top 7 favorite podcasts for kids. (AND PODCASTS ARE FREE!...if you have an iPhone):

  1. Disney Story Central 

This podcast is a great starter podcast for kids. They already recognize the stories so it's interesting to them. But they are doing the work at imagining the story in their head. The narrators have not been annoying. So rest assure mom, it may be a Disney story but it won't drive you crazy. The only downside is they don't have very many episodes on their yet. Our kids were so into this podcast that we listened to all the stories within two days. It didn't seem to bother them though, they asked to listen to some again. So this is our current favorite for podcasts. 

     2. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


This is an awesome story telling podcast. Modern day twist on old time radio story entertainment. Sound effects and different people for different characters. This one is a must to try!

    3. Story Nory - Stories for kids


We are just into story telling so yes, another story telling podcast. This one is different however. When you put this podcast on a calmness will overcome your car. Imagine snuggling up under cozy blankets with all the kiddos in bed with you reading a story. Natasha's voice and accent have magical powers to calm the most cranky of kids. Listen to it and you'll see. 

    4. Tumble Science Podcast for Kids


This one takes a huge left turn into the science world. If you have a kiddo who loves learning and all things science, this one is awesome. The topics are a little deeper. Like . I think this is probably better suited for 2nd -3rd graders and up. But hey if your kid is too mature for Sid the Science Kid and is ready for more, see if this fits! 

    5. Brains On! 


This is our science go to podcast right now. Having a 6 year old and a 3 year old, I have to find a good middle ground. One that doesn't bore the both of them. This one is fun and educational. Topics like: why does tickling make you laugh?, booger questions, how do volcanoes erupt, and could it rain lemonade? Unlike most kid science podcasts, this one is hosted by kids with adults featured. Not the other way around. 

    6. Short & Curly


If you can get past the odd name. This one is so fun! Its perfect for kids ages 7-12 and teaching them about ethics. They talk about difficult topics like -"why can't children vote?". "do you have to love your sibling?", and "is it ever ok to lie?". But in a super entertaining way. They have entertaining hosts, both kids & adults, and sound effects sure to keep everyone entertained. Even the littles, even if they don't understand the topics.  

    7. The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl


If you want to still jam out to some tunes in the car but kids bop is torturing you on your way to and from school then this is your jam. This podcast features different artists doing "cool" versions of kids songs. So you won't be pulling your hair out after listening, the last thing we need is to add hair loss to our mom bods anyway. 

    BONUS: Dream Big Podcast


So this one is specifically with my daughter in mind. It's a cute podcast by a 7 year old, Eva Karpman. Each episode comes with a free discussion sheet that you can print out and talk about at home, about that episode's topic. Eva talks about ways to staying positive, 5 reasons you should read everyday, and the 7 day no complaining challenge. This one is not professional quality. Sometimes the volume goes high to low in a few minute span BUT I think it's good for the little listeners, especially girls in this case, in this age area to hear a girl their age talking about things they are thinking about, are interested in, and struggle with. 

I hope you find a podcast that fits your family! And if none of these interest you, search the podcast app on your phone. It's free to listen and who knows what you'll find or where the app will take you and your family while in the car.

I would love to hear what you and your kid's favorite podcasts are! 
Please share in the comments!  

 A few others that were ranked as favorites:
-Sesame Street Podcast
-Stories Podcast