Going Green Beauty

Alima Pure Todays Eden

Green beauty has been more and more on my radar. 

If you know me well and you pay attention to my Instagram or my occasionally shameless slightly solicited posts... I lean towards a naturalistic lifestyle. One thing that never seemed to cross paths was my beauty routine with my natural approach to things. I am not sure why that was. 

Little known fact about me, I love to watch makeup tutorial videos by the most watched youtube gurus of makeup. Like Jaclyn Hill. I LOVE HER. However I started to see videos of green beauty popping up in my suggested to watch section. Low and behold I found my Jaclyn Hill of green beauty and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of this sooner. 

And maybe here's why. 1- trying to find a natural, organic, or toxin free makeup is hard and takes more research than walking in Ulta grabbing a bottle and being on your way. 2- for some reason green beauty has a stigma that it won't be as good as MAC, Clinique or Revlon. 3- I feel like it's easier to think about what we put in our body than on our body. Especially when it comes to makeup. And even more so if you are a foundation snob like me. 

So, lately I have become addicted to Sarah's Holistic Habits videos. And she was the push it took to more forward with being conscious about what I am putting on my face. Right before I found her, I started noticing I was getting headaches after I would put on my makeup. I am super aware of how things affect my body. So when you add something to your day like a new food or maybe just a food you haven't eaten in a while, you are quick to notice if your body feels like you probably shouldn't have done that. And then the next time you eat the same thing you notice if it was just a coincidence  or if you feel the same way again. I have an autoimmune disease, so I know that if I eat gluten or dairy I can immediately feel off. Which is why I think I have a heightened sensitivity to makeup as well. But just because everyone doesn't have a heightened sensitivity to something like me, doesn't mean it's good for you or your body right?

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box there. haha. I recently decided to go with Alima Pure mineral makeup foundation and they made it super easy to find my color. And I made a little video showing how you can too! 

So this is just the beginning! I have yet to have a headache since switching over. AND it still covers my face like some of my favorite drugstore and high end foundations, just without all the junk in them. 

Looking forward to sharing my green beauty makeup journey more with you as I learn what the heck I am doing! But here are a few quick facts about what we put on our face:

 "Whether cosmetics or certain ingredients in them cause more subtle or long-term health problems is not entirely clear. Uncertainty exists because many products and ingredients have not been tested thoroughly. Even when ingredients in cosmetics have been tested, the results may not always be simple or clear cut." - American Cancer Society 

"In May 2002 a coalition of environmental and public health organizations contracted with a major national laboratory to test 72 name-brand, off-the-shelf beauty products for the presence of phthalates, a large family of hormone disrupting chemicals. The laboratory found phthalates in nearly three-quarters of the products tested. The report findings, which confirmed suspicions by Centers for Disease Control scientists that high levels of phthalates in women could be coming from fragrances and other cosmetics, launched the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics" - See more at Safecosmetics.org

"Newly published test results show that a toxic contaminant linked to cancer known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) was found in anti-aging products from beloved brands Garnier and CoverGirl". - See more at: Safecosmetics.org 

"Most cosmetic marketing claims are unregulated, and companies are rarely, if ever, required to back them up, even for children’s products. The FDA says descriptions such as “hypoallergenic” or “natural” can “mean anything or nothing at all,” and while most of these terms “have considerable market value in promoting cosmetic products to consumers… dermatologists say they have very little medical meaning” (FDA 2000b)"

"The Food and Drug Administration has no authority to require companies to test cosmetics products for safety. The agency does not review or approve the vast majority of products or ingredients before they go on the market. FDA conducts pre-market reviews only of certain cosmetics color additives and active ingredients that are classified as over-the-counter drugs (FDA 2005, 2010)."

*This is NOT a sponsored post
Ps. If you are not into Green beauty that is totally your prerogative. I mean no offense to you and you're awesome no matter what you put on your face.