Plant Based (mostly) Dinner Roundup 10/30

You guys were asking for the recipes I would show I was making for dinner over on insta stories so here we are! I’m going to be sharing a weekly roundup of the recipes I used. Currently we are trying to eat plant based throughout the week with fish or minimal meat on weekends. So that’s what your mostly going to see around here. But I PROMISE it’s easier than it looks.


I love minimalist baker because her recipes are just that. Minimalist. Her recipes have very few ingredients and they are always so yummy! This meal will go in rotation for sure!


You can honestly go wild with these. This particular recipe calls for sushi rice I used brown rice in them this week that I had stirred up peanut sauce with. I have made them with rice noodles as well and all were GREAT! This week I did the brown rice, avocado, carrots, cucumber, lettuce from a salad mix package, cilantro, and purple cabbage.

Scallops with Bacon and Alfredo Pasta

Once a week, typically the weekend we will eat fish or beef. This weekend scallops were on sale and the hubs LOVES scallops. So we had some scallops and then pasta with this amazing imitation Alfredo Sauce.

Build Your Own Nachos

This is exactly how it sounds. If you want an easier route you just lay the chips out on a large cookie sheet, layer on all the toppings and then put the cookie sheet in the center of the table and eat off the sheet. Simple easy and no fuss.

Vegan Tortilla Soup

Sprouts had a 10 bean mix on sale in their bulk isle. So I grabbed a 1/2 pound of that, some black beans, bell peppers, cilantro, and threw it all in the instant pot for 15 min with chicken stock and tomato sauce as the base. Minimalist Baker has a great recipe if you need a step by step.