Ultimate Gift Guide For Her This Christmas

Ultimate Gift Guide For Her This Christmas

For the Woman Who Has Everything :

  1. Golden Girls Monopoly : I don’t know many people who have this awesome version!

  2. Rose Quarts Roller & Facial Tool : I love my jade roller, but I’d love a pink one too!

  3. Tassel Charger : These are chic and necessary

  4. Apple Air Pods : You are no longer tied down to your phone with a cord, wearing bulky headphones, or visually look unavailable. I love that these are discreet and even with them in your ear, you still come off as available and approachable.

  5. Loopy Case : Because you know we always be dropping our phones lol

  6. Onesie Pajamas : She never knew she needed them so badly. These are SO cozy.

  7. Blue Light Blocking Glasses : Alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing and prevents blue light melatonin disruption when used before bed.

  8. Ultra Lightweight Foldable Backpack : How many times have you went somewhere with the kids, only to wish you had a backpack for everything?

  9. Bath Bombs : This seems like a simple gift but for most of us we' put ourselves last on the list and taking a luxurious or fun bath tends to not ever be in the cards…with these beauties maybe we’d be more inclined

  10. Costco Membership : Give the gift of costco ya’ll

  11. Tile : Because once we set down anything…it’s lost.

  12. 23andMe DNA Test- Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service : This would be so fun to do

For the Active Woman:

  1. Apple Watch: You can workout without any missed calls, worry about emergencies at school, accidentally forgetting your phone or dropping a weight on it. You know, not that I’ve done that or anything.

  2. Sports Gym Bag : This gym bag has all the things, without being too bulky or heavy. I love that it’s simple and gets the job done so you’re in and you’re out and back to momming it.

  3. Super Cute Water Bottle : I love Contigo bottles

  4. Adidas Women's Cloudfoam QT Racer Running Shoe : These are great for running and could also be worn for athleisure.

  5. Manduka Prolite Yoga and Pilates Mat : I LOVE this yoga mat. I use it to stretch, workout and of course, yoga. The hubs is always stealing it because he loves it too. We have never found another brand of mat that we love as much.

  6. Sports Bras : It’s always good to have a stock on these so you don’t have to worry about needing a clean one to workout.

  7. Yoga Pants : These got the best ratings at such a good price. And POCKETS!!!

  8. Enso Rings Pyramid Stackable Silicone Ring : these rings are the cutest and will ensure you don’t scratch up your actual rings when you workout.

  9. Resistance Loop Bands : the best thing for your workouts!

  10. Contigo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment : genius!

  11. Accupressure Mat and Pillow Set : I have yet to try one of these but from articles and these reviews..I’m dying to try it out!

For the Green Beauty Woman :

  1. Derma Roller : Derma rolling can be hugely beneficial when done correctly and safely.

  2. Jade Roller : I love my jade roller. Check out my tutorial video on how to use one HERE.

  3. TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum for Face : get this stocking stuffer RIGHT NOW! Don’t believe me read the reviews.

  4. Acure Sheet Masks : These are hands down my FAVORITE sheet masks with clean ingredients.

  5. Fit Glow Beauty Lip Colour Cream Duo : FitGlow has some special gift items for Christmas right now. And I 100% love this brand. Their mascara and foundation are my everyday items.

  6. Petit Vour Beauty Box : Monthly subscription box full of different no toxic, cruelty free beauty items each month. For the month of november get 50% off your first box with code GIFTNOW. I love Petit Vour, because each time you buy products you earn points to use for future orders.

  7. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening : I want this in my stocking for sure!

  8. Green Earth Mask Kit : I love that this kit comes with everything you need!

  9. Konjac Mini Pore Refiner Christmas Collection : These adorable mini pore refiners are the perfect stocking filler and a great solution for awkward Secret Santa gifts.

  10. Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio : perfect hydration skincare kit.

  11. Bawdy Butt Masks : Because your butt needs attention too!

  12. Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush : Lifts away 99.5% of dirt, dead skin & makeup residue. The anti-aging side smooths fine lines & wrinkles.

For the Loves to be Outside Woman:

  1. The Bucket List Book : I’ve heard this book has amazing photos and awesome plans

  2. Hammock : Because hanging between two trees with a good book is the best

  3. Summit Outdoor Wine Glasses : These are really great for anything- vacuum sealed and light weight for travel

  4. Foldable Waterproof Quilted Blanket : I love having this in the back of my car, it has come in handy so many times.

  5. Phone Tripod : To capture those photos when you’re out exploring

  6. Hydroflask : perfect for the wear and tear of outside

  7. Kuju Drip Coffee : Anchors to any size mug so you can brew delicious coffee anywhere without the bulky brewing equipment

  8. Waterproof Portable Speaker : 33 feet range portable waterproof speaker

  9. Slackline : fun for the park or the backyard

  10. Pullover Hoodie : this looks super comfy and cozy

  11. Adidas Pants : giving you all the freedom to run, chase kids, etc.

  12. Mountain Range Necklace : Such a cute minimal necklace in the rose gold

For the Hangs at Home Woman

  1. Slippers : good slippers are a must have!

  2. Amazon Fire Stick : so you can netflix and chill…but not like all those young whipper snappers….or MAYBE so

  3. Cozy Pajamas : because if you’re not in pj’s are you really relaxing?

  4. Coil Hair Ties : so you don’t have to worry about the creases

  5. Kindle : so you can read all the books you want

  6. Chunky Knit Blanket : you need the best blanket for at home snuggles

  7. Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set : all the cheese and wine…enough said

  8. Socks : a must!

For the Mama

  1. Girl, Wash your Face - I enjoyed reading this book a lot!

  2. Initial Necklace - Many celeb mamas have been seen wearing these. I love them for their minimalism and cost! Plus it’s super cute!

  3. Coffee and a Classic - A monthly subscription box that will deliver a classic novel and something to sip on with your new read each month.

  4. Instant Pot - This thing has been a life and time saver! I love ours!

  5. Clarisonic Mia - Removes makeup, dirt, oil and sweat 6x better than hands.

  6. Wine Socks - We need a little funny in our day sometimes.

  7. Flip Belt - A belt to hold all the things when working out, running around or juggling the little ones.

  8. Teddy Organics Rosehip Oil - This oil is a great natural moisturizer which will help to soothe dry skin conditions, minimize the appearance of fine lines and slow down skin aging, Many users have also reported a reduction in redness, age spots, scars as well as improved skin tone and elasticity.

  9. Milestone Blanket - For the new moms who want to document their little one’s growth with a sweet photo ready blanket

  10. Q & A a Day Journal for Moms - The book, which spans five years, features writing prompts that will help capture motherhood moments, big and small.

  11. Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box - If you don’t know what to get, let the team at Fit Fab Fun send them the latest and greatest gifts out there for you!

  12. Cleaning Service - Feel your mama out and see if she could, would she hire a cleaning service. If so, gift her one servicing to clean her home!