Where Have I Been?


If you have been curious why the blog hasn’t been touched in a while and our podcast wasn’t releasing any new episodes I’m here to share the deets!

As you guys know we announced our surprise little nugget on the podcast in late December early January. Well if you have been a listener or a reader for a while you know I have gotten a pregnancy disease called hyperemesis gravidarum with my previous pregnancies (except for the time I miscarried). And as luck would have it I got hit with Hyperemesis HARD again. Thus the silence.

A little after 18 weeks the Hyperemesis died off and I slowly became human again. And once I felt better I felt like my first podcast episode should be how to advocate for yourself when you have Hyperemesis. You can listen to it HERE.

If you know anyone or you are pregnant and are experiencing what feels like extreme morning sickness please contact your Dr as soon as possible and research Hyperemesis to see if you might need medical assistance to get through it. A great resource is hyperemesis.org