How to Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day!

Photo by Mein Deal

Photo by Mein Deal

I am so pumped for Amazon Prime Day becaaaauuuuse… this year it falls a few days after my baby shower, so I am planning to snatch up the things I didn’t receive for a bargain price. At least that’s my plan. Because mama has three kids now, we can’t be breaking the bank lol.

Amazon prime day will be a full 48 hours of deals starting at midnight PT on July 15 through July 16!

This is also a good time to shop for Christmas gifts. It is said that Amazon Prime day has better deals than Black Friday. I like to spread out my shopping an not wait so close to Christmas, so that we don’t have all this extra spending going out during all the Holiday months.

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How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day Like a Pro

  1. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account already you can snag a 30 day FREE trial . Just make sure to cancel before your 30 days is up! *Also Medicaid or EBT card users who qualify can sign up for $5.99/month.

  2. Download the Amazon app for notifications of deals when they go live. You can “watch” deals on the app that will notify you when your items go on sale.

  3. Follow me on Facebook in the It Takes a Village Tribe group (make sure you request to join ahead of time) I’ll be posting deals on there as well as on my Instagram.

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