6 Ways Moms Can Survive the School Year

6 ways moms can survive the school year

Step 1. Know where your closest wine supplier is

Step 2. Have your kids uber to school

Step 3. Put your feet up and cover the toddler in peanut butter. The dog will have your littlest occupied for hours. 

haha only joking...but seriously. 
So for some actual steps to survive the school year keep reading. 

  1. Meal prep like a mother
    Hands down the best thing I could do once I started working was meal prep. And it felt overwhelming at first until I came upon New Leaf Wellness' printable recipes and shopping lists. She seriously does all the work for you.

  2. Game plan with your spouse
    Create a calendar where you BOTH can see each other's day to day schedules. You can connect you iPhone calendar so that way if you put something on there your partner can see.

    That's just just schedule talk though. It's also SUPER helpful if you can figure out who's waking up when, what needs to be done in the morning and who is going to do what. For instance; in our home I usually wake up first and get myself dressed. Then my husband wakes up, the kids wake up and I'm already working on breakfast while everyone is doing their bathroom things. Once the kids finish eating, the hubs manages the kiddos to make sure they are gathering their thing and getting ready meanwhile I'm finishing up lunches, filling up water bottles, and finishing my makeup.

  3. Manage your time well
    I try (and most time fail) at not telling my kids to "hurry up". I know it takes more words to say, "mommy didn't manage her time well and so now we are running late", but it totally makes a difference in how they perceive the situation, gives them an opportunity to learn from the situation and your exampling responsibility for the situation instead of exampling how to take your frustration out on someone else. There are going to be days we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we wake up late or our kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But if possible set you and your family up for success by giving everyone the time they need to be in the places you're going. Forget about trying to make your bed if you're already 10 min late. For my A type friends out there, It's hard but just put the duvet down and walk away.

  4. Cut yourself some slack
    You've heard it a million times before. TAKE IT EASY WOMAN! lol There are going to be things you don't get done, things you didn't get to do and dinners that will be gotten in the drive through. My husband and my kids will both tell you they would much rather the house be a mess than me be a monster trying to get it all done.

  5. Use your break time for errands and things you need to get done that would take up your time in the evening.

  6. GO TO BED
    This is the hardest survival tip for myself. I love to stay up after the kids have gone to bed to unwind, watch a show with the hubs and mindlessly scroll. But the truth is the best way to survive the school year is to make sure that mama bear doesn't become mama hulk.