Are you neglecting yourself?

There's this very popular quote that seems to be smacking us in the face like a toddler head butts you to the nose. "You can't pour from an empty cup". Whoever said that didn't have to sit through a 30 minute pretend tea party with their daughter sipping from a cup filled to the brim with emptiness but still demanded to sip every couple of minutes. 

But seriously, it's hard to even think about self care. When it comes to anything, our ongoing checklist involves everyone we are in charge of maintaining wellness for, with us at the very end of every single one of those lists. And by the end of the day we just want to sit in front of any Netflix show and go brain dead.

Don't tell your toddler to head but me in the face, but it's true. We need to take better care of ourselves friends. Self care gets a bad wrap. Like it's supposed to be this day long expensive thing, or we let it build up in our minds to this overwhelming thing we have to plan and we just don't do it. Don't let the lies and the mom guilt get to you when you do spend time away from the kiddos. You'll come back home feeling better and more energized which is a win win for everyone.

  1. Go For a Walk
    Get up early before the craziness begins and take a walk. Or ask the hubby to hold things down while you go around the block. 
  2. Plan It Out Ahead of Time
    It's annoying but it's true. Tell your man on Wednesday next week your going to the Starbucks to sit and do absolutely nothing. Or maybe tell him your going to the grocery store and ...go to Starbucks. haha. Either way, if we don't write it down or put it in out plans it won't happen.
  3. Don't Let Your Kids Playdate More Than You
    We all know we love our kiddos and we love making them happy with play dates and fun things. But If we haven't seen a friend or talked to adults at least once in the week and our kids are on their 12th playdate or second activity of the day. You are a killer mom but hey make it a point to talk to an adult this week. We need play dates too. 
  4. Get Counseling
    Hey, real talk my friend. If things are crazy and you feel overwhelmed and you just aren't yourself find relief by verbal vomiting during a counseling session. Life is rough and it can be a lot. Sometimes we gotta do some deep cleaning in places other than our house. 
  5. Date Night
    There's something about getting out of those yoga pants and busting out the mascara. For one, we get to connect with our husband and also we can step out of mom mode for a minute and be wife. 
  6. Hobby It Up, It's Never Too Late
    Make time to do something You like to do. Yoga, getting ready for that 5k you've always wanted to do, making paper snowflakes (no judgement here)..just do something for you.