Best Podcast Episodes When #thestruggleisreal


Best Podcast Episode When....


You're feeling all the mom guilt 

Chrissy is a wife, mother, marriage & family therapist, photographer, blogger and Instagram-er. In this episode talk about woking from home, being on a united front during the times of colic, community over competition, the movie Bad Moms, and scary moment when her child went missing that onset her anxiety. These are my favorite episodes where I get to interview women I don't personally know, and because of the podcast we can skip the superficial small talk (which I am awful at anyway) and get real and honest about life, motherhood and marriage. 

Maria KAng.jpg

Marriage is rough

Maria opens up about her marriage and how they overcome trials and separation. I asked her if she had any advice for women who are considering separation or reconciliation with their husbands and I LOVE how she gave some awesome key points of advice


You're going through infertility

Nikki and I talk about her journey with PCOS and infertility to all the steps they took to getting pregnant. I got educated let me tell you. Most of us assume that it is a hard process to have a baby when you are struggling with infertility, but Nikki really brings it home giving us a better understanding of what she (and many mothers) have to go through mentally, physically and emotionally for the chance at motherhood. Which is a part we as "outsiders" often miss to see or understand. 

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When you have to start over

Cara Brookins is the author of "Rise: How a House Built a Family", a memoir about escaping domestic violence with her four children and building a 3,500 square foot home from the ground up with their own hands.In this episode Cara shares her journey about overcoming hardships. How she approached the idea of building her own house and what it was like to move forward creating a new story for herself and her children.


When you're trying to raise kids who care

Dr. Michele Borba and I, get into the 9 habits kids need to nurture empathy and why it's so important that they have this skill. We talk about how we can start teaching our kiddos about empathy today and how we may be unknowingly contributing to our kids thinking it's all about them. Also, fear not teen mommas! Dr. Borba talks about how it's not too late for teens to start displaying empathy either! I learned so much from this interview and how I can help my children to care for and think about others.