Differences Make Us Beautiful

Photo by  Omar Lopez  on  Unsplash

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

* A letter to my children due to the actions on display not only Charlottesville but around the world

My loves, 

Don't involve yourself with the foolishness of the world. It does not benefit you. But it does hurt others. 

What you see on TV can be painful to watch. And if mommy doesn't pay attention to the words she says, it can be painful to hear. Because the truth is even though we joke about you never listening, you are always watching. You're a product of who you surround yourself with and what you surround your self with. And for most of your life, that is with me. 

The truth is, we are not born to hate. We are taught to hate. 

Some of the friends you meet and some of the people you thought you most admire will let you down because of their perspective on skin color. They will let relationships fall apart because of it, they will say things they mean and don't mean because of it and they will do things they regret because of it. 

But mommy is here to tell you something. In our house, we do not run from color. Look at your arms my loves. Look at your hair. Your skin was not made up of one color, but generations of many colors. Your hair is course and curly because of many. And when mommy and daddy created you together, it was like the whole world came together and created the most perfect you.

You are not defined by a race scantron bubble on a test sheet. And neither are your friends. 

In our house, we acknowledge that flesh is flesh. You bleed, they bleed. As you go out to pick your friends I will tell you to to choose people who are good within their heart and within their soul. You'll know. And if you can't agree with who they are, it won't be because of their skin. 

In our house, we will acknowledge that life is sometimes harder for others because of their race. They will get paid less. Treated unjustly. Treated inferior. And hopefully if you are the CEO of your own company one day, you'll make sure to treat & lead people FAIRLY. 

In our house, I will remind you that we are all precious in his sight. That silly Sunday school song you used to sing, weren't just catchy words thrown together in ignorance of the world around us. No my loves, that song is a reminder of the truth and value of those around us. 

No matter what color you are no matter where you come from, in our house you are family.