Free Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Photo by  Roman Kraft

Photo by Roman Kraft

free ways to celebrate valentines day

Post it notes 

I know you have seen this idea a thousand times but this one never gets old. You can put the notes all over your lover's mirror, all over the inside of their car, throughout the house etc. Write on all the notes reasons why you appreciate or love them. This works for the kiddos too!

Fake a fancy dinner

Fake a Fancy Dinner

It doesn't matter if you have to wait until the kids are asleep, you can do a simple dinner or go all out with candles, NO PHONES and just enjoy your time together at home. I have a friend who gets dolled up, including her kiddos and her husband and they have a candlelit dinner all together. If you need you and hubby time, don't feel guilty for having a nice dinner for two. 

take a bath

Take a Nice Bath

Sometimes it doesn't have to be about others serving us. Sometimes we need to serve ourselves. Treat yourself to a quite bath. Let go of the guilt, the laundry and just take some time out for 30 min. Read a book, light some candles, throw in some oils or listen to some music. Don't cheat yourself here, this is that Eminem 8 Mile stuff here, you only got one shot. So go all out, take all the kid's bath toys out of there and make it worth it.  If your tub is big enough I bet your love would love an invitation to join you as well. 

valentines playlist

Make a Playlist

If you can snag your mans phone it's pretty easy to hop on the music app and create your own playlist. Then you can let him know when he's in the car or whenever he'd have time to listen that you put together a little something something on there. It could be your favorite songs together, songs that remind you of special moments or those romance-y songs. 

valentines day sunset

Watch the Sunset Together 

I know you're rolling your eyeballs at me right now. But seriously when was the last time you sat on the hood of your car or the front porch and just got out of the house to talk while the sun goes down. Take your but outside, grab the baby monitor, your rosé in a can and connect with each other for a little bit. 

Valentines Day Date

Day Date

Sometimes we don't have the luxury of getting away in the evening. So maybe keep it simple and meet up for a lunch date or a park picnic with some Chick Fil A. No one says it has to be complicated, just make it fit your life, keep it simple and focus on connecting. 

Valentines Selfie

Selfie Hack His Phone

I mean I don't mean to make you blush, but nothing says you still got it like leaving some selfies on your husbands phone for him to find. You can do cute, you can do sexy, or you can make him laugh. I think the effort behind this is key. Just going above and beyond to make his day gives him all the feels. And trust me, he sees you as sexy, so put on some lipstick, brush your hair and get over it. 

valentines day movie night

Netflix Night In

Maybe this isn't ground breaking. But watching a movie with popcorn, wine, la croix and some chocolate...there can be something therapeutic with just hanging out relaxing and snuggling. With that said, you will NOT reap the same benefits if you are scrolling facebook the entire time. I know it feels like a big deal, but I know personally I can feel the difference of connection if I've been on my phone the whole time or not during a movie night. 

Valentines day plans

Make Plans or Create a Bucket List 

With the kids and ALL THE THINGS we don't have time to make plans. Not schedules of games and carpools, but plans for your future. Where do you and the hubs want to be in 5 years? What do you want to be doing? Where do you want to travel? How can you work towards making those things happen?  

Valentines love notes

Hidden Love Notes

Have you every walked up to your car to find a note on it (not the bad kind your rude neighbor left you after their teenager side swiped your car), the sweet kind someone went out of their way to write to make your day better? It always makes you feel like a queen right?! You can write and hide sweet encouraging or lovey dovey notes and hide them in places you know your man will be looking. His brief case, laptop, on his dash board etc. This could be fun for the kiddos as well!