'Girl, The Album' Transforming Music For Girls with Empowerment

If you haven't heard the buzz on this album..hear me NOW mama.
You’re going to want your girls to hear this.

Written by producer of the She Rocks Awards, Laura B. Whitmore and singer/songwriter and pianist Jenna Paone, with many powerhouse women helping to produce and make appearances on this album.

girl the album.jpg

I’m sorry kidz bop but your kid sung cover songs just aren’t cutting it anymore. We need music that is enjoyable for our girls to listen too beyond being little. Lyrics in today’s music is objectifying, giving them negative self judgment or a false sense of what respect should look like for them.

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon the word that ‘Girl, The Album’ was a thing, but I immediately started searching iTunes to put it on my 8 year old daughter’s playlist ASAP. Only to find that they are in the creation process and mama’s we NEED to make this happen. Not only for the sanity of our ears that music created for our girls can sound great, that they would really rock out to it, but most importantly it gives them the loud and clear message of their worth. Which is that they are strong, creative, amazing beautiful girls!

Check out their KICKSTARTER here and lets get our girls some music they can really connect with and jam out to!