Girl, Wash Your Face Book Review

I received an advanced readers copy of Rachel Hollis' book "Girl, Wash Your Face", because I inquired about an interview with Rachel for the It Takes a Village Podcast. Unfortunately the interview was a no, but they kindly offered me a copy of her book instead. It was like one of those moments when your kids want that big shiny toy on the top shelf at target, and you're thinking heck to the no, because it's like $400 and a kidney. Instead you hand them a stuffed animal about the size of your hand with a pat on there head, "There, there". lol.

So many times have I reached out to someone to be on the podcast, and I have gotten a no. But much like the chapter you'll read "No Is The Final Answer", (pssss page 57, it'll give you life) I am not numb to a no, but I've learned that a no can mean it's not the right time. The book may not have been an interview with Rachel, but the book also surprised me and gave me life in so many ways. 

To be honest, self help books written by females are hard for me to stick with. I often find them rah rah-y and lacking substance or the tools for me to hang on to long after I am done reading the book. I can't tell you how many books I have with book marks in them right now only 1/4 or 1/2 way finished because I lost interest. Ya'll...I finished this one! Just so you know, I'm not getting paid to write this either. lol. 

Here's what I learned from my girl Rachel. You know, because once you get rejected by her PR team, low key creep her on instagram and read a book about her life story, in which she so clearly wrote for me, I'm pretty sure I am her T Swift squad goals. Totally kidding. But on the real, my girl Rachel surprised me in so many good ways. For instance one of my favorite chapters: "The Lie: I am Bad at Sex"...BAM right out the gate. As someone who was taught about sex from my junior high friends, who were "advised" by our OTHER junior high friends or their high school siblings, no one ever thought to tell me to pee after having sex so I didn't get a UTI. Spoiler alert! A Few UTI's and an article from a magazine later I learned my lesson. And so did Rachel. Not only that, but I believed so many lies about what sex was, who it was made to please and what sex looks like within a healthy marriage. The point of the chapter was that we have the ability to believe the lies we tell ourselves and we also have the ability and THE POWER to change. 

Whether it's your sex life, your marriage, your mom life, your business dreams or your struggle with self esteem. We all have the ability to change. To take control, take down the lies, and to live the best version of our life possible. As a Christian woman to another, I am so glad that Rachel went to all the taboo places. When we are real about our struggles and share hard concrete tips on overcoming those struggles with each other despite how "it may look",  we are breaking down walls of judgement, self destruction and guilt. I don't need to know about how your struggle in life is feeling selfish because you only read your bible once a day and you feel like you should be dedicating more time. I am sure there is a legitimate struggle in there, but PTL that's all your struggles are right now. But for me, I need someone to share with me about their struggles feeling like they aren't mom enough, because I feel that too. I need someone to share their struggles with trauma at an early age and parents who didn't know how to parent well, because I feel that too. I need women to be honest about their sex life and poor body image, because I feel it too. I need women to be honest about wanting to dream big and hustling despite missing out on the school field trip and bake sale, because I feel it too. I need women to be honest about raising up a family, how it's not something you decide to do and it happens. But it's heart ache, tears and cries to God that you don't understand why, because I feel it too. 

So if you want a book that "goes there". If you want raw, real, honesty humor and direct no-nonsense advice BFF to BFF. This book is hands down for you. If you want to wallow in your struggles, stay on your current path and not be encouraged in your journey, then this book is NOT for you. So grateful for writers who put it on all the line to breathe life into others. And along the path of many "no's" to come as I grow It Takes a Village, I hope I have the same opportunity to breathe life into others that creates change within as well.