How I celebrated Mother's Day this year

This year our 5 year wedding anniversary was dangerously close to Mother's Day. I knew we would do something to celebrate, because we love to date night and celebrating little milestones are just something we love to do just as much as the big milestones.

So honestly I had no expectations for this year, but maybe dinner at a slightly nicer place than usual. Then I think about two weeks or so before May 20th, (I know it's the 20th because luckily there is a sign above our bathroom doors that has our wedding date on it). I'm known to guess the date we got married wrong quite often. So my husband gave me little to no clues for what we were doing except that I would need to meal prep two days worth of school lunches for the kids. And then eventually told me we would be gone 4 days. Honestly I was thinking a road trip to Austin. But my mind goes into all sorts of scenarios. One night we were talking about my guesses as to where we are going and I said I have guesses from highly unlikely fantasy level trips to like the bare minimum and I am trying not to lean any sort of way to not get my hopes up. I mentioned flying and he immediately looked at me crazy and told me to lower my expectations. lol So In my mind it like really confirmed Austin for me. I am not sure why, but I just was thinking it had to be a weekend in Austin. 

So we drop off the kids at school and we head out. I am really bad with directions so we could drive any which way and unless google maps in confirming my destination I really have no clue to the directions of most cities around us. We get to the airport and my husband informs me we are "just driving through" to make a short cut. If you know DFW, you know that you can actually do that, and it makes sense. Anyway, we drive but end up turning to go towards a terminal. So now SURPRISE, we are flying. My expectations just went way up. Now I am thinking Florida maybe but probably not, Mexico would be awesome but thats probably very unlikely. So I settle on the idea of maybe Cali or somewhere close by but that we are just flying to maximize time. 

Literally went through security into the airport and it wasn't until we got close to our gate. My husband covers my eyes mid stride. We were running late. To which I get irritated. In my defense you don't slap your hands over a girls eyes, who's on a mission, power walking through the airport, and who's is also not very coordinated. Sadly there's video evidence. So he says look over there. I finally land on the gate sign where they are loading guests onto the plane. Jamaica, it reads. I think all I could muster out of my mouth was "Shut up" or "are you serious" like 20 times. And then I was second guessing the situation, I thought he was tricking me and that he'd point me to the next gate over and say we were really going to like Boise, Idaho or something. So not until I sat on the plane did I let the full excitement set in that we WERE FREAKING GOING TO JAMAICA. Yah mon. 

It was really weird not being with my kiddos on Mother's Day. But they honestly didn't mind. And I would have loved to have been with them. I was really sad about it at first, but they were having so much fun with their Gigi they were ok with being apart. And when we got home the kiddos gave me gifts and cards they made for me while I was gone. It was the best Mother's Day ever. And also the best anniversary ever. I am not sure how the hubby is going to top that in the years to come but I can't wait to see him try lol.