How to Keep Your Sanity When Your House is Sick

How to Keep Your Sanity When Your House is Sick

Let me just start of by saying we had some sort of cough/congestion thing take us down one by one the past few weeks. We tested negative for the flu, but it had us out for a few days before we could even open our eyelids without feeling like our heads were being slammed into a wall. 

So how did I keep my sanity? I didn't. But in hindsight, here's what I SHOULD have done to keep my sanity.

1. Lower my standards on keeping the house clean
Can't stand clutter? Then pick up as you go. If  a clean house keeps you from losing your mind, you do your thing momma. 

2. Be prepared for sickness 
If you have all the things you need for flumagedeon pre sickness, then you won't be trying to drag your sick babes around while you try to get what they might need. So keep whatever those go to necessities are on hand so maybe you can survive until you can tag team someone in while you run to the store. 

3. Do less not more. 
When are kids are sick and it has us home from work we tend to decide that might be the perfect time to clean our our closet or re organize the kids room. EHHHHH NO! This is a danger zone. Nothing sucks like a half way finished room that looks like a tornado hit it with a child calling you in the room for snuggles, medicine, or soup every other minute. 

4. Hide
Number three brings me to number 4. I wish I would have realized that I made my self available way too much. There are times when your kiddos are just fine on the couch. But you keep walking in asking if they need something, bringing pillows, etc etc. when they clearly just want to sleep or watch their show. So take a step back mom. If they are doing alright and you can sneak away for 10min. DO IT. You'll spend so much time giving and less receiving while your family is sick, that you'll need some downtime to refuel. 

5. Vitamin Load
Don't just fill your kids with vitamins and supplements to get them well. Feed them to yourself as well. You're dealing with late nights, sleep deprivation, probably small meals and you're surrounded by sickness. If you don't want to go down with the rest of the family, you gotta take care of your body as well. Because we all know, even if mom is sick, she doesn't get a day off. 

6. If all else Fails..
Hit up the grocery store for some "soup" and "sickness supplies" but bring your headphones and walk slowly up and down every aisle while you shop. Aka regain your mom sanity so you can go back home full force without going all crazy like the women from the show Snapped on your husband with the man cold.