My Favorite Workout App

One of my favorite past times is to workout.

In college I studied exercise science. But the majority of what I had learned was about how the body responds to different types of physical exercises. Not about what exercises you should be doing for any particular result in general.

When I first started to head to the gym I learned from watching the people around me. Watching the trainers when they worked with clients.

I had checked out several apps but they were hard to follow, outdated or not the type of exercise I was looking for.

So I know that most of us will try and start the new year by vowing to take better care of our bodies. But most of us do not know where to start. Therefore, most of us never start at all.

So, since the new year is almost here I wanted to share my favorite workout app, that I have found so far.

The Nike+ Training Club app is a free app that I have been using for the past 2 years. For one, we are talking about Nike here, so obviously they have the funds to invest in the functionality and look of the app as well as keep it updated.

This app is for those who are already in physical good shape but need a challenge, as well as those who are semi active but haven’t been to the gym in a while. There are modifications to certain exercises available if you think a particular move is too advanced or you just aren’t feelin’ it. If you have injuries or health issues, I suggest talking to your doctor before using the app.

Every exercise has step by step instructions for each move as well as a video of a live person doing the move. There are athletes, musical artists and famous workout instructors featured on some of the workouts. A plus with this app is that you can listen to your own music playlist during the workout with the app on. Meanwhile getting audio instruction from a nike trainer. So you don’t have to constantly be looking at your phone for the next move, it will chime and tell you what’s next. As well as occasionally remind you to check your form or to push through the fatigue.

So far this app has been a huge part of my ability to achieve my goals in or out of the gym. It is great for someone who needs guidance on what exercises to do. Or for someone who uses it to inspire their own workout ideas. For me it was empowering to get a “trainer” via headphones guide me initially. And then to be able to remember those workouts on my own and modify them and make them more challenging the stronger I got. When I started, the workouts were hard (some still are), and sometimes I wouldn’t be able to make it all the way through a session. So it is neat to be able to see how you have evolved within each workout. So maybe the first few weeks I couldn’t finish and then on the 3rd week I did. That instant gratification helps you to keep pushing for those longer goals.

What I noticed and love the most about the exercises is that they are full body workouts every time. Unless you pick a focused workout, you are going to leave the gym having worked on almost every muscle group in your body. And they are mostly HIIT (high intensity interval training) based workouts. So if you are really wanting to lean out and lose fat, this really helps you achieve that. And then once you lose the fat you can focus on adding weight and going into the advanced workouts and gaining that muscle. After having two kids, I was able to get my body back and it looked better than ever with the help of Nike+ training club app.

When you find a good thing it’s hard not to share it. So I just wanted to share my love for this app in hopes that you can use it to succeed at your fitness goals in the new year. Don’t worry about what others look like working out around you, their chapter 10 is going to look different than your chapter 1. Everyone has to start somewhere.
And with every journey there will be disappointments, obstacles and celebrations. Just keep in mind that every little thing you do is adding up to help you reach that ultimate goal. Keep pushing hard and do it for you.

ps. Did I mention the app is FREE?!

Ashley of Today's Eden Blog Recipes and Podcast