New Coffee Obsession

Don't stone me. But I have never been much of a coffee drinker. 

I always wanted to be though. It seems like there's this whole social acceptance from drinking coffee. It's common for someone to ask you to meet for coffee, because you have to be doing crack if your a parent and not consuming java beans daily right. 

So I was that weirdo who would say "Sure!" and show up and drink out of my water bottle. 

It wasn't because I didn't like the taste. It just never sat well with my body. Not even a cup in and I would be shaking or get a headache. So I was just never a fan. The headaches and unfocused energy boost was never worth the junk in a Starbucks frap that makes it taste so good. 

Fast forward to several months ago and I am consuming down coffee on the regular. 


I listen to The Model Health Show podcast. (Which if you want to learn about bettering your life from a wellness standpoint or are interested in enhancing your already healthy lifestyle this podcast is THE.BEST.)

Anyway, they did an episode titled, "The Worlds Healthiest Coffee" with Tero Isokaupplia (you know telemarketers mess that up). This episode peaked my curiousity since my husband was currently drinking coffee by the IV. Being a former Monster drink addict he turned to coffee. Which is so much better than monster energy drinks, but I figured if he is going to consume by the buckets maybe it should be healthier. 

So the episode ended up being about Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Coffee. And the health benefits are INSANE. 
Which I will write about on another post. But we tried it and now we use it every morning. My favorite it is the Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee. The focus and the mental clarity is unreal. For me anyway. I get no jittery feelings and no headaches. Most importantly no crash and for me the focus and energy lasts almost all day. And then at night I have been drinking their Reishi Tea. I was a huge chamomile tea drinker at night, but now it just doesn't compare so I hardly drink chamomile anymore. 

ANYWAY!!! I have been encouraging my mom friends to try it. Because the days are LONG (like Titanic long...when your over it and you wish Jack would just let go already because you've been sitting for 2 hours and 45 min and the guy behind you won't quit kicking your seat). I know if you aren't into "health stuff" it sounds weird. Mushroom coffee. But trust. TRUST me momma, when I say this is a game changer FOR REAL. It doesn't taste like mushrooms so you can go ahead and stop scrunching your nose at the idea. lol

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Recipe

So here's how I make my mushroom coffee:

1 Packet of Lion's Mane Coffee
2 tsp Coconut Sugar
1/2 tsp Coconut Oil
2 Squirts of Vanilla MCT oil
A Little Bit of Milk - we use Ripple Vanilla Milk (SO GOOD) 

That how you make a bomb cup of coffee. 
You can do it without the MCT oil and it will still be good. We add that for the added health benefits. 


*Today's Eden is affiliated with Four Sigmatic because I use their products daily, I believe in the quality, and I only promote things I feel are worth sharing or will provide value to my readers. Opinions are completely my own. Products were bought by me.