OMG! Prime Day is On It's Way!

In case you're surviving on wine, Target and Amazon Prime like I am...

There's a little thing call Prime Day you should know about. 
It's like the Black Friday of amazon. But all the mamas are saying a sweet amen from their jam jams making their sweet sweet orders (with free 2 day shipping) right from the bed. That's my kind of shopping! 

Here's the low down:

Prime Day starts 3 p.m. ET (noon PT) on Monday, July 16. It runs through 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday night, July 17.

To participate you MUST be an amazon prime member. Which if you're not...good news I have a free trial link that you can activate just in time to snag all the deals! 

Ok! So enough of that, let's get to the goods! 
And I have to disclaim as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You are not charged in any way. 

Early Prime Day Deals! 

Those have been a few of my favorite pre-prime day finds! 

If you need some tips and guidance to get a better grasp on what prime day is, how to prepare and be in the know for all the great deals before everyone else, Amazon has created a Prime Day Guide that is really helpful. 

So I'm sorry Nordstrom sale, I know you're a big deal and all but I think I still love my amazon shopping more. :)

Keep your eyes peeled I'll be posting about more deals as they pop up!