Our Favorite Subscription Box For Kids - 50%off

I don't like to post anything that sounds sales-y. 

But after my Best Subscription Boxes for Kids for Christmas post, we decided to give Kiwi crate a try for both kids. But our 7, now 8 year old is obsessed. 

You can check out her Kiwi Crate Unboxing videos here: 

After her 3 month subscription was one she asked that we re-up with another 3 months subscription of Kiwi Crate for her birthday. 

As you can tell she LOVES it. And when a box shows up to our door she is pumped to get started and you can throw TV out the window because she gets super engaged with what is in her box. 
So I wanted to write this post, because Kiwi Crate has been such a blessing and between May 9th, 2018 - May 12, 2018 you can get 50% off your first box.

You can click the above link for that offer and use code SAVE50. When I got ours the best deal I could find was 30% off our first box. So jump on this if you can! 
And if you can't here is a coupon code SHARE30 with the link below that is always good for 30% off your first box.