10 Weird Habits Moms Have

habits moms have

I know you're already having flash backs of all those things you said you "would never do" when you have kids, that now you have actually perfected the art of it. 

It happens to the best of us. Trust me. 

1. Swaying back and forth...when you're not holing a child
Because you forgot what it was like to stand by yourself & just embrace your awkwardness when standing still without the excuse of soothing your little one. What am I supposed to do with my hands now!? They just hang there. Cradling a baby was so much better.

2. Referring to you and your spouse in third person
    "What did mommy just say to you?". Like you don't actually know. And as if referring to yourself as "mom" or "mommy" instead of "I" makes you CEO status with your kid, and maybe they'll actually listen. 

3. Wiping your kids nose with your hands and then wiping it on your jeans....the exact thing we tell our kids not to do
I mean....I don't really have an excuse for this. 

4. Cutting up other people's food
Once the plates are all lined up I just can't help myself. 

5. Open your own mouth while trying to get your kiddo to open their mouth when hand feeding them
If I make an "O", you make an "o", and we eat.

6. Catch yourself listening to the kids playlist after they've already exited the car, then get frustrated for wasting your adult music time
Every. Dang. Time.

7. Calling the restroom "potty" when your out with other adults
What's a bathroom? That sounds gross.

8. Wearing the same outfit over and over again
I call it helping the environment. We should all be more water conservative. 

9. OR even better....Your leggings are inside out and you tried to unlock your car with the pacifier
I mean wouldn't it be nice if whatever was in our hand at the moment would just magically unlock the dang car. Instead of having to try and keep the kiddo close to you, while you search through your purse you haven't gone through since college.

10. Going through all your other kids/pets names before you land on "whats his name" when referring to your kid
Ang, Bry, Yor....Maddox. MAAADDDOX!!!! We could confuse them with other names. I'll take the win of calling them one of our pet's names over the others that could have came flying out. 

I mean if that's honestly the weirdest of things we do, I think we are doing alright! hah! Survival. It's all about survival. And if I see you swaying back and forth...I'll just smile and appreciate you have no clue what to do with your body sans kids just like me.