What Kind of Mom Are You?

Photo by  Jordan Rowland  on  Unsplash

I am NOT...

The Hot Mess Mom
The Helicopter Mom
The Crunchy Mom
The Free Range Mom
Or any random coined mom labels that we have managed to come up with. And before you get all defensive over your mom tribe, hear me out.

Being a hot mess mom or a helicopter mom, also feels like you have to be those things. Or that you couldn't possibly be the "on time mom", because your shirt says hot mess mom and other moms relate more to that. 

Here's what I think.

We're not any of those. 

We're the show up moms.

The moms who show up to soccer practice 15 minutes late because work and traffic held us up. 

The moms who show up when our littles are crying and the third set of sheets need to be changed at 4am because the flu. 

The moms who show up to the bake sale with cookies from Kroger we've put on our own serving plate, because we know we can't bake worth a damn.

The moms who show up to a  9-5 everyday, because we have bills to pay, health issues to take care of, tuitions to pay and memories we want to afford to make.

We're the moms who show up right when our kids need us most.

We're the moms who show up as wives after the kids have long gone to bed.

We're the moms who show up even when we don't know how to.

We're the moms who show up the best we know how.

And we don't want to be any other mom, than the mom who's constantly showing up for our kids, our families, our husbands and our loved ones. It may be half assed, sleep deprived, on a bed of kale salad or in the newest SUV. Despite how it is we show up, we'll do it until we can't anymore. Because that's what we do.

We show up.