When Sickness Strikes

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Do you ever have a few of those days, that when you come out on the other side, you look back and think, “Let’s never do that again.”

Obviously when it comes to getting sick you don’t really have a say in how it all goes down. Once you get hit, your done for.

For me, my first mistake was obvious. For one, I had been slacking at keeping up with a preventative health measure. I hadn’t been applying the Protective Blend* essential oil to my feet and spine for immune support, like I should have been every morning. Especially having an autoimmune disease and working around and with kids all day everyday. I mean I have been sick free for 3 YEARS!

But nooooooo…..that would be too easy.

And once whatever it was that got ahold of me, got a hold of me I went down fast.

Literally five hours beforehand I was at the gym feeling great. Proud of myself for making the time to get in there. Feeling blessed that my husband supported my effort to get in there, since I hadn’t all week and he knew that was my goal for the night.
I felt ok going to bed, maybe a little overtly tired but nothing to out of the ordinary.

And then I woke up in mid sleep
not feeling so great with a stomach bloated the size of a 3 month pregnant woman.

I applied the Digestive Blend* (hoping to ease the nausea) to my belly, but I could already tell it was too late.

And of course when it rains it pours. As I am feeling more queasy by the minute, my son wakes up screaming. So I wake my husband to go get him and he’s screaming for me instead of daddy. Back into our room they both come and my little one has a bloody nose. Mind you my little one already got sick at school right before me taking him home, so I know he’s feeling crummy along with his now bloody nose.
So I manage to help for a second before I retreat to the restroom where I can still hear my son crying out for me.

Luckily once I got back into bed he fell asleep fast.

I was not so lucky. Seems I must have caught some sort of stomach bug, so mr. porcelain and I had an hourly meeting from that moment on until early morning.

I was feeling so awful in the morning that around 6am I took a detox bath. Despite using all the hot water and two electric kettles full of hot water I was still freezing. However, the detox bath was really helpful.
Work at this point was out for me. Which I felt awful about, but really I had no choice.

Our daughter had a doctors appointment early that morning. Of course she did not cooperate for it, so she has to go back. One in which my husband got up early for after an eventful night with my son and I.

Since they didn’t get back until close to noon she stayed home to get a nap. And then it would be on to piano practice and later her taekwondo belt test. Meanwhile, in-between it all my husband was managing both kids and taking care of me all throughout the day.
I was really bummed to miss my little girls belt test. But I was thankful that her Gigi, our friends, and my husband could still be there to cheer her on. And she did great! She face timed me over dessert with her daddy to tell me all about it.
And now two days later, 8 pounds lighter,  I’m not feeling 100% but I am much better.

Now I am just in that funk. A cranky one.

You know where you feel like the weekend was just spent either rushing around, busy or wasted. Nothing got done. The fridge is empty. No lunches packed for the next day. Church was missed. And dinner was shameful the past few nights and your not even really sure they qualified as “dinner”.
And so you are left with a unsatisfied feeling that leaves you irritable and grumpy.

However I am extremely grateful (admittedly still trying to force out my glass is half empty mood) that my husband was home to help a mom out.

Typically, with a car business position that he previously had, I would have had to “manage” until he could find a way to leave early later that night. Meaning, both kids would have had to stay home with me by myself, meals would have had to be done by me and appointments would have been canceled, piano lessons missed and prayers said that daddy could get home in time to take little one to her test. So apparently my glass is a little less empty than it looks.

However, Lord, if you are trying to teach me something here I’d rather prefer it if you could leave my digestive system out of it.

So here I am coming before you as a mom who is human. One who fails and who resents. A mother who lets the little things sometimes get in the way. That let’s the uncontrollable ruin my day. I fall short and I take my anger out in all the wrong ways. I am letting the enemy get to me. And there is so many other ways I can be looking at these past few days.
(I got a flow going on here, watch out Nicki Minaj). Totally kidding.

So shout out to all the mommas out there who are trying to keep their heads above water. Maybe even the dads too. If your anything like me your more willing to endure the struggle, before you can get real with God and bring your struggle to Him.

I don’t like to not practice what I preach so I am just letting you know that sometimes I fall short.

I know if my husband is reading this he is probably smiling and chuckling at me because he has been trying to gently nudge me at this all day. Haha. And of course I kind of dismissed it. It’s awful how stubborn I am! I am working on it though. (And no babe, you cannot hold this post over my head the next time this happens…next week). But seriously, thank you for being a super dad this weekend and for putting up with my gloom and doom Eeyore thing I had going this weekend.

I am not an expert on prayer. I am just a woman who prays. -Wendy Pope

Wishing your family wellness and health!

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