Carly Roberson Producing Hope in South Dallas

I had heard about the Champions of Hope project through our church and I knew that I needed to know more about this story. It takes guts to not only get involved with the community, but to see a need and take action upon a gut feeling of wanting to make a change. Not knowing a thing about running a non-profit she dove head first into dedicating herself to the south Dallas community and creating Champions of Hope.

We talk about how Champions of Hope went from a hope to a reality that is still going strong 9 years later. The struggles in building this ministry. How God has been so providing through it all. And also what it is to be a mentor to these kids and how we can help Champions of hope continue to provide mentorship for this community. But one thing that I love about this interview is that Carly went to college to become a teacher, graduated and started teaching only to be pulled from that setting to do something completely different. It's so encouraging that in times we think we know the path for our life and as scary as it is God can pull us from that and say no, this is where I need you to be and I am going to make sure you really shine.

If you are in the South Dallas area and would love to help Carly and her team further there mission or mentor through Champions of Hope I encourage you to check out her website at 
Keep up with all of their happenings on Facebook and give Carly a shout out or share their info on your Facebook page so all those kids on the waiting list waiting for a mentor can find someone who can speak into their lives. 

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When you need something, you have to be the one who calls, and calls back , and calls again.
— Carly Roberson
Be faithful to your call regardless of other people
— carly Roberson
Most women need to find freedom in that particular area (when talking about freedom from fear of man), and that freedom will be the empowerment most of all to just be who we’ve been called to be by the Lord.
— Carly roberson

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