Motherhood and Service

Motherhood and Service
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 As mommas I feel like we get stuck in the mindset of being a momma. It is a tough role to play and undoubtably takes all of our energy. But, (and hear me when I say I mean this lovingly and struggle with this as well), we get so caught up in the mindset of being a mom and we tend to think that's the only thing we can be for now until the kiddos allow us the freedom to do otherwise. So we end up saying no to things, when we could or should actually be saying yes. 

And maybe that's just me? I have a hard time existing outside my role of motherhood. Even when I feel called to something else, I choose to ignore it due to it inconveniencing or disrupting my role as a momma. And I think that's ok. But  Molly and Mary Claire are such a good example of how you can pursue something outside of your role of motherhood and everybody can still be ok. I personally am caught up in the idea of routines. And we thrive on routines in our house. At the same time, it's ok to exist outside of that. Which is scary for me. And so refreshing and edifying to hear other mommas in pursuit of their passions and being ok with the fails of it. But being able to enjoy the experience and the wins of it all. BECAUSE they chose to step out in faith in the first place.  

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Thank you so much for joining me on this wellness journey! I hope you went away  learning something new.

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Episode in Review:

How did you decide you wanted to serve and join your families together in this venture? 4:40
Was there a specific reason you chose to do something where the kids would be involved? 6:35
At what point did this turn into more than just meeting with a family? 9:20
How do you balance the ministry meanwhile being a momma? 28:15
Is there anything in particular you do intentionally to make sure you're family doesn't feel neglected? 36:55
How have you been flexible or overcome the thoughts of waiting until the kids are older to starts something? 41:35
How has the ministry influenced your family so far? 49:20
Do you have a story that you can share that has been the most memorable from The North Hill? 56:50

58:00 The story leading up to the video that went viral about the reuniting of Dyan and Alik after being separated for 4 years. 

Molly & Mary Claire's Books They Found Most Influential:

-Anne Of Green Gables
-Through The Gates of Splendor
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Part of being a parent, especially in 2016, with instagram, Facebook, and blogs and all these things that you’re supposed to be doing. You’re supposed to be throwing the perfect party, you’re supposed to be having all these whole 30 pinterest style meals that are plated. It does not happen.
— Molly Jamison
We feel like it’s ok for our kids not be the center of attention all the time. We feel like it’s ok for our husbands to see us working and doing something that they know the Lord has called us to. And order pizza instead of chicken and veggies.
— Molly Jamison & Mary Claire Hall

"Maybe there is a good neglect. Where they are not the center of the story. Because everything else is screaming at them that they are the center of the story. Anything that I can do as a parent to give them a different narrative is a good thing. "
-Mary Claire Hall

"Honestly, things always seem harder than they actually are."
-Molly Jamison

"It's never the attitude- I'm only going to go when it's easy and totally convenient because then you will never do it."
- Mary Claire Hall

"Do know that a lot of good things do happen when you stretch yourself a little bit and when you stretch your kids a little bit. And they're really resilient. "
-Mary Claire Hall

"Do what your gifted in and don't worry about what someone else is gifted in.... Being content and pleased with the way God has gifted us and wired us."
-Molly Jamison

"Find your people and jump in and do life with them. Without worrying about what people think about you. Without worrying about who is cooler than you."
-Molly Jamison

Mary Claire & Molly's Books They Found Most influential: