The Wife of an Alcoholic- Love and Addiction with Michelle Lisa Anderson

The Wife of an Alcoholic- Love and Addiction with Michelle Lisa Anderson

Michelle Lisa Anderson

Over 21.5 million American adults (aged 21+) battle with substance abuse. 80% of those people, also battle with alcohol abuse. Imagine out of all those people, how many are married to a spouse who is trying to survive their marriage with an addict. Michelle- addiction activist, author and speaker is talks with me about her journey of love and addiction. After so much painful effort in her marriage, Michelle realized she could not save the man she loved from the disease of addiction. And now she is out to support other women who are fighting for their joy, their lives and their hope while being married to men who are addicts. 

We talk about what life is like being married to an addict. How she mothered through it all. How we and why we should focus more on ourselves, especially in a marriage faced with addiction. And why we tend to end up with guys who are no good for us. Michelle has also created a podcast for women who love someone that drinks too much or suffered from any addiction. You are not alone in this and you don't have to be. So if this topic resonates with you I hope you feel like you have a place to reach out and find help and hope. 

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