30 Things I've Learned Before 30

30 things I've learned before 30

To be honest I have looked forward to 30 for the throwdown, but not the actually turning 30 part. I imagined we'd have a huge bash with a DJ, margaritas, those big number balloons, and all the people. I was planing what I felt was necessary to prove my life was valid, important and celebrated. I saw friends having friendcations, huge bashes, intricately themed parties and surprises for their 30th. But when I dug deep, that's just not where I am at. And I shouldn't force myself to be for a good Insta pic or out of jealousy. Even if I am just now finding and building my tribe life is pretty sweet, even without the girls trip to Cabo.

So not that you're interested or anything but here's my insight on 30 things I've learned before 30! 


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Ashley Carroll