Balancing Work & Trying To Survive Our Own Mom Shaming

Julie Solomon

In this episode I hang out with Julie Solomon, who is a NY Times best selling publicist/strategist, Founder of The Influencer Podcast and where she helps bloggers & influencers to grow their brand, business and income. Julie has worked with a ton of well known artists; Meghan Trainor, Dave Ramsey, Jeff & Alyssa Bethke to name a few. 

Julie's business success aside, adding motherhood to the mix like it does most of us creates a new, different, and sometimes challenging journey. Some of the topics we cover are the struggles some mommas go through when you first bring baby home, the baby blues, finding community/the benefits of community, and talking realistically about how we can serve mothers with newborns. the pressures of motherhood and how we can sometimes hold ourselves to unrealistic standards or stress over the small stuff. Like most of my episodes, just two moms coming together to talk about life in the pursuit of being good mommas, good wives, balancing work and trying to survive our own mom shaming. 

You can find Julie on FacebookInstagram, The Influencer Podcast and her place of business

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