Being Single and Her Journey Through Embryo Adoption w/ Merritt Onsa

Merritt Onsa

Merritt Onsa

So glad I got the opportunity to have Merritt Onsa on the podcast, after being a guest on her own amazing Devoted Dreamers podcast ( you can find my episode here). After chatting with her and hearing about some of her experiences and sharing about our lives with each other, I really looked forward to having her on and talking about all the things. 

Embryo adoption was something Merritt feels really passionate about sharing and lucky for her I have been super curious about what exactly embryo adoption was and how it works. So I loved having Merritt share her and her husbands journey through that and how they came to the decision. Merritt journeyed through a long period of singleness before meeting her husband and then found (like most of us) that marriage can be rough trying to bring two people together who have different "ways" of doing things and have been living on their own for so long. You have your own ways of doing things and trying to find how to make it come together in a balanced way can be tricky. So then we also talk about how being a mother to a toddler at an older age is really not all that different from anyone else, and age ain't nothing but a number. 

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