Going Beyond Mom-Fueling That Desire Guilt Free

Randi Zinn

Randi Zinn

Randi Zinn is the founder of Beyond Mom and BeyondMom.com. Born from her own experience of motherhood, and the desire for a more connected community- Beyond Mom offers: content, podcasts, mixers, events, and retreats for forward-thinking Moms. She encourages moms to cultivate a life “Beyond Mom”- one that embraces the gifts of motherhood but expresses all that they are as individuals: creators, businesswomen, thinkers, friends, and so much more.

Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle of motherhood. We hit a point where we have this creative energy or the desire to do something outside of nap times and bottle feedings. But the guilt trip is tough. Randi Zinn and I talk about rediscovering ourselves outside of motherhood, not feeling guilty about pursuing our passions or doing what fuels us. We also talk a tiny bit about strong willed parenting. And last but not least it wouldn't be a true mom conversation without a little talk about the curse that is the trampoline after motherhood. It happens to the best of us! 

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