How Gratitude Transforms, Infertility & Feeling Like You’re Enough

Gratitude, Infertility and Feeling like enough

Robin Evans

Gratitude changed Robin's life when going through in vitro. She was struggling and just feeling miserable after two failed invitros and an IUI. Today Robin shares how she started becoming grateful for everything because she started seeing God everywhere. She is super encouraging and she has walked with so many friends going through infertility calling herself the infertility celebrator. I really love her heart and her wisdom. 

Not only do we talk about gratitude and the steps she took to get to this place of transformation you can find within gratitude but also all the mom things. thriving on praise of doing "all the things", feeling angry with the hand you've been dealt, raising strong willed children, the struggles of infertility and that special time in your life when you kiddos come home with stuff from school for fundraising! 

(We mentioned Nikki, a past guest who's been on the show, you can find her episode and her journey with infertility HERE)

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