How to Recognize Autoimmunity - What Doctors Are Missing

recognizing autoimmuntity

nicole fennell

In this podcast episode Nicole and I re-unite to talk about autoimmunity, gut health, PCOS and how we can be wiser about the foods we choose to purchase in the grocery store. You guys she is just so knowledgable and I hope to have her on again soon to talk more in depth in certain areas of our health. 

Nicole currently owns her own business, Chews Food Wisely. You can visit her in office or keep up with her on several social media platforms. In her Facebook group there is lots of information she posts daily as well as helpful videos. We talk a little bit about what you can expect from a visit in her functional medicine office and who would benefit from her services. 
-prenatal counseling (pre/post conception & after)   
-pcos                -gastrointestinal issues
-acne                -food sensitivities
And those who just generally feel badly or that something isn't quite right.

Tune in all the way to end and hear what Nicole says we should be grabbing for when we get sick... spoiler alert, it's not chicken noodle soup or gatorade. 

I hope you enjoy our chat and walk away understanding a little bit more about autoimmune disease and how to choose those foods that are best for our body. 

Thank You for Listening! 

Thank you so much for joining me on this wellness journey! I hope you went away  learning something new.

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Episode in Review:

Some Questions I ask: 
What is Functional and integrative medicine? 5:41
How do we know we are dealing with something more than stress? 10:48
Can genetics play a part in whether someone may or may not have an autoimmune disease? 12:46
Why are doctors not testing for these diseases that are becoming so common like celiacs and autoimmunity? 15:04
How does food into autoimmune disease and our health? 16:13
What is leaky gut? 20:01
Should everyone be eating gluten free? 23:87
What do you think about milk? 27:00
How can probiotics help our body? 29:51
Who would you suggest to come into your office and what would a session look like? 31:35
Does diet play a huge role with women who have PCOS or women who want to conceive and/or having trouble conceiving? 39:16
What is your take on birth control? 41:33
What should we be grabbing for when sickness strikes? 45:15
What is bone broth? 49:00

Common autoimmune disease symptoms:
-brain fog
-difficulty focusing
-intolerance to cold

Leap MRT Food Sensitivity Testing: a faster approach to the elimination diet process giving a patient a short list of foods their body has minimal trigger symptoms from. And also showing reactions to multiple chemicals and foods your body is reacting to. 

Food sensitivity reactions can be delayed up to 72 hours. you can eat something on Monday and then Wednesday or Thursday it can cause that headache.  

Molecular mimicry: different particles whether it's a food or a virus look very similar to human structures. For instance a gluten particle can look very similar to a thyroid hormone particle, so instead of your body fighting the gluten particle it starts fighting the thyroid (which happens in hashimotos). 

We talked about raw milk being your best bet for milk, if you are in the DFW area you can get it locally at Farm to Fork Foods


Look for a practitioner that is looking at you as a whole person, and not identifying you only as your GI symptoms, or only as your headaches.
— Nicole Fennell
Genetics is kind of like having a loaded gun, but whether or not you pull the trigger is really dependent upon lifestyle.
— nicole fennell
(when talking about pregnancy weight gain)....I did put on weight and people still loved me, my life didn’t end.
— Nicole Fennell
Make it work. Get out of the black and white mentality. There are some nights that the only thing we have in the house is an organic hot dog, then that’s what it is for dinner. Life doesn’t have to be pinterest worth and instagram worthy.
— nicole Fennell

Nicole's Books She Found Most Influential: