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Post-Partum & Marriage

Hey what's up guys! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Hopefully you aren't in a cookie coma or having to work to hard to put your house back together, if your house was the site of the family gathering. 

Today I am catching up with an old friend from college. We used to work together back in the day and we also were pregnant with our first borns literally weeks apart. She, like me, has gone through so many stages of life and has grown so much in a short period of time. And her love and pursuit of the lord has evolved and grown along side as well. 

I wanted to have her on because sometimes it's good to just chat about mom things. Because unless you're intentional about talking about post-partum and marital issues, (which many of us are not), we just don't hear about it very much. And these are the issues I feel like we feel most isolated about. 

So today is a little less formal, and we just spent time being honest about our struggles in marriage and how we felt after having babies. It's just the two of us having a real, raw and honest conversation. I hope this touches you, makes you feel a little less alone in this super heavy calling to motherhood, and maybe just helps further push us to be real with each other and to not candy coat life.  

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Thank you so much for joining me on this wellness journey! I hope you went away  learning something new.

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Episode In Review:

What were some of the things that nobody told you, that you had wished they told you about or you weren't prepared for? 2:00
What can you do to heal or acknowledge the changes you're experiencing? 9:45
why is it that we don't want to say out loud that this is hard? 14:05
Were there any nuggets of wisdom you got from anyone or things that people have spoke to you that stuck with you? 17:02
In the trenches was there anything you were grateful for anything that got brought out? 27:36
Do you have any practices that you do as a couple? 33:45
What can you appreciate about marriage that you didnt appreciate before? 39:25

Tools Blair mentions provided by their counselor:
-Creating Family Maps
-Read Scripture Together Daily
-Marriage Questions

  • How can I serve you today/this week? (be time specific)

  • How can I pray for you the week?

  • Is there anything I can repent of/ask forgiveness for?

  • How have I done the last week at pursuing and loving you?

Blair's books She Found Most Influential 

-This Momentary Marriage - John Piper
-Daring Greatly - Brene Brown
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If we are truly obedient, and if we are truly seeking the Lord, if we are eating up his word and purposefully living obedient im-perfected lives then He is constantly sanctifying us. And that kind of abiding means He is chopping off the dead limbs. He’s even chopping off fruitful limbs.
— Blair Browning

"There is something very beautiful about coming together in your broken-ness, in your sin, whether its all you or all him and unifying in that together."
-Blair Browning

Blair's Books She Found Most Influential: