Mom Work Life Balance, PPD and Lyme Disease

Ashley Bernardi

Ashley Bernardi

Ashley Bernardi is the founder of Nardi Media, a media relations and publicity company who is backing mommas with a dream and sharing their stories so that we can hear them. Ashley has hooked me up with several of the guests I've had on the show so she's been really generous to do so and I got this idea of wait a minute...Ashley is a momma herself! She is sending me all these great women to interview but I'd really like to get to know her and her story. So here we are! 

In this episode we talk about being a business momma. That it doesn't have to be work over children or children over work. You can do both. And maybe it requires a little risk taking to be able to be a working momma. We also talk about Ashley's journey through Lyme disease and postpartum depression. How community really helped and how she learned to focus on herself and her needs though those harder times. And lastly we talk about Ashley's three awesome girls and being a girl momma! 

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