Saying Goodbye to Your Child at Birth

Amy and Any Nickel

Andy & Amy Nickel

"She never knew just how deeply she could love. Until she stood on one side of the veil and her child on the other. Her feet rooted on earth and her heart forever reaching towards heaven." - Jessi Snapp

Pregnancy like so many things is such a fragile and beautiful journey. And the journey looks so different for each and every one of us. For some hearing the words "your pregnant!", is the beginning of a joyful 9 months. For others God calls you down a different path of motherhood. One that can feel lonely, heartbreaking and surreal. 

Today on the podcast I talk with an amazing couple, who on their journey towards parenthood were taken down a path they didn't see coming. How they handled it and how we, as "outsiders" can love someone going through a similar situation better. 

"There is a loved so sacred, cherished and true. ....This love dwells in uncertainty. In shaky grounds. In lingers in silent tears and aching arms. It is the light and the most isolated place. It lives to tell the tale of what was and is no longer."
-Bereaved Mother's Love Project @jessisnapp

If this relates to you. You have been on my mind, in my heart and in my dreams the past few days. I found that in this experience I have been able to draw closer to something I couldn't deeply understand because I had not myself lived through it. But in each of our unique journeys into motherhood, we are kindred. No matter how we got there. And if I can imagine myself in the shoes of a momma, who has a piece of her heart in heaven, I would gladly give her a piece of my own heart in hopes to help it heal. But I know that our God provides more for you than what my own heart could do. Praise the Lord. 

I hope those that listen in tomorrow find comfort, community, hope, help, a voice, a place of relation, a freedom to feel and a freedom to grieve.

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Cling to the hope that’s found in Jesus, because that never changes.
— Andy Nickel

"It's healthier to be bold about grieving. And not care what people think about the tears."
-Amy Nickel

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